Lunch Anyone? – 16th December 2017

We’ve been back in France for just over a week and have had two lovely lunches since we have been back. One last Saturday and one yesterday; last Saturday’s was with a group who normally have mid-week lunches and we were very happy that the Christmas one was on a Saturday. For once we weren’t the first to leave as we didn’t have to rush back to work. However, 4pm did feel a little late to finish, since we still had to go and do the food shopping before we went home and as it’s winter here, it was getting dark. Our other lunch was with Pat’s Wednesday French class; we headed off to the local training college and had a wonderful meal for not very much money. It was a set menu – starting with Cauliflower soup, then Limousine beef, cheese, profiteroles and coffee. All very nice, and the steak was superb, one of the best we have had, cooked to perfection. I did feel for our waiter, as he obviously had been taking English classes and his supervisor wanted him to talk to us in English, he was struggling. I think he was very thankful when we answered in French.

I haven’t done too much else this week except work, we have had a lot of rain, though today is thankfully dry. I have enjoyed sitting in the living room at night and either reading or watching tv, very pleased with the space.

I have received my first set of results back from art course, and my tutor thinks I have talent. I was very, very pleased to hear that, she has said that I do need to practice more to get the feel for colour pencils but overall she really liked what I had put forward. So, since I was out yesterday and didn’t get a chance to do my art, tomorrow (as more rain is forecast) will be spent doing some art work.

This morning I’m off to visit a friend for coffee, and this afternoon I have to trim the hedge surrounding the gas tank as we have had notification from the gas company that the hedge is too close, and since we are heating the house at the moment, we are going through the gas and will need a refill soon, so the hedge must comply! Hopefully I will not disturb our hedgehog as it has now appears to have gone into hibernation.

For now à bientôt and remember Pat’s blog next week –

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