It’s almost finished – 19th November 2017

Yes the living room is almost done, we were finishing off all the small jobs yesterday, furniture is back in place and I’ve been touching up the paint etc. Today, Pat will be completing his desk, so next week Pat’s blog will be photos of the living room, start to finish. I’ve put a couple of photos in as teasers (it’s a slide show & I love my new lights). I’m also in the process of sorting the 1 remaining book case upstairs. Unfortunately we didn’t get rid of all of them but we did get rid of 2 big and one half book case so that is a step forward and it makes my work space feel more spacious.

So, what else has been happening? Well one of my high schools (I attended 3) had its 30 year reunion last weekend. I’m loving the photos on-line and seeing how everyone has changed. It was interesting to speak with my friend S the day after, and how long it has been since our group of friends have seen one another. We did keep in touch for the first couple of years after leaving school, but that slowly petered out and eventually the only person I kept in contact with was S. It seems everyone just went their separate ways. So it got me thinking as to why people who are so close end up not speaking or seeing one another for almost 30 years. I think it is the need to find our own identity, find out who and what we are as individuals. However, I think that took me until my late 30’s to find out who I am, and I think it’s still progressing!

So it is another gloriously sunny, but freezing cold day in France. My jobs for today, planting out my bulbs into pots so I have a display in Spring. Cleaning the house, now that the construction has stopped, all the workbenches, tools and now unused items (e.g. bookcases) can be moved down into the workshop/garage. I will admit, I hate house cleaning, but today really looking forward to it as it means that we will have our house back, and we have decided no big jobs for the next year (though I’m planning out the garden for next year – that is something to take time over). We do both however have a list of lots of little jobs that need to be completed – but they are things that will only take a small amount of time.

For now à bientôt and remember Pat’s blog next week –

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