Sea, Sand and Hedgehogs! – 3rd November 2017

For those of you who have read Pat’s blog, you will know that we spent a weekend at the beach – something I miss incredibly. There is something about the smell of the ocean that just gets into your psyche and for me being near the sea really invigorates me and makes me happy. We had a great time and it was wonderful to take Siena.

Of course we have been back home now for two weeks and the feeling was starting to wear off, however during the week we discovered that we have hedgehogs in our garden (well at least one). It is so nice to find a live hedgehog. Siena was barking one evening at something on grass and out I went and there it was, so Siena is now not allowed out at night without being on lead, which is good as the other night Pat heard something at the cat flap, assumed it was the cat – opened the door and the hedgehog tried to come in! Obviously the house is warm and outside not so, but we are putting food out for it and hopefully it will find somewhere nice and safe to hibernate over winter. If we get a photo of it before it disappears, I’ll post it on my blog.

So what else has been happening, well I’ve taken up a drawing class as an external student from London College of Art. I’ve just submitted my first set of work, after painting for a couple of years and not doing much drawing, it has been difficult to get back into it. But I am enjoying it. The class is more about using colour pencils than graphite (I feel so much more comfortable with graphite) so it is a challenge. It does mean that I’m no longer doing my watercolour class, but the time is well spent on Friday afternoon’s drawing instead.

The living room is slowly progressing. It does feel like it is taking so long – with work during the week and DIY only at weekends – but hopefully it will be complete soon. I’ve been painting the doors (which Pat has made) for the cupboards, and tomorrow he is making the barn door which will hide the TV. It’s all a lot of work and a lot of paint!

And we know autumn is most definitely here, as the cranes (which can be a herd or dance of cranes) have been migrating south. We had a huge dance over the house during the week.

So for now à bientôt and remember Pat’s blog next week –

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