Nine years and still going strong – 23rd September

Hello from sunny but slightly cool France; as always an interesting couple of weeks. The weather has turned very autumnal with our heating kicking in every evening now (and occasionally during the day). But the past couple of days have been bright and sunny which means I’ve been able to get some painting done – mainly the skirting boards for the living room. Which has caused us a problem, as I ran out of paint yesterday just short of finishing (always the way) but when Pat went to buy some more this morning we discovered that it is a discontinued colour!!! Not what one wants to hear, however this caused both of us to jump on the computer and for me to find a discount site which has end of line paint – and thankfully my colour was available and at less than half the price we would normally have paid for it. So all in all a result – except I do have to wait for it to be delivered which will hopefully be later this week.

This past week Pat and I went out for dinner on Wednesday night to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary – yes 9 years ago we were in Wales celebrating our marriage in glorious sunny weather (yes for real it was beautiful). We decided to try a restaurant that we haven’t eaten at since we bought the house – I go regularly for coffee (and I was there last Friday and made a very good impression by falling off a stool). We had a lovely dinner – with our main being the local speciality which is for the lack of a better way to describe it a potato pie, but that doesn’t really do it justice. Anyway we had a lovely night out.

The sunflower & me

This photo is of a self-seeded sunflower in our backyard – it is fairly close to the bird feeder so at a guess the birds are responsible. However, it is huge – as you can see from this photo I am standing beside it and it is taller than me. It is also a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster with multiple heads – though not sure if some sunflower varieties do that?

keeping the bees happy – and yes it is a big black bee.

I do need to get out into the garden and get some work done to get the garden ready for the winter. But at the moment as things are still flowering – I’m going to enjoy what is left.

For now I wish you all à bientôt and remember Pat’s blog next week –
PS – a sneak peak at the living room

Door – lol

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