Holidays and summer are over – 9th September

Well folks, dad has been and gone. He arrived home late after an unexpected delay, but is back to the cool of an Australian spring. He is also the end of our visitors for this year (well the ones we know of anyway). So this week I have been back at work on my computer and this weekend Pat and I are working on the living room. Which I am happy to say is progressing – the flooring is down, I’m in the process of sanding and painting the doors and the radiators are back on the walls (this has become a necessity as we think the cold is really going to hit soon). I’m really happy with how everything is looking. I will admit I will be very pleased to have the living room back in use.

Last weekend as you saw from Pat’s blog we had a great time in Bordeaux (which was very warm) and headed off to some fascinating gardens in the Dordogne. We also did some walks closer to home and got to see someone on the zip line going over the lake at Espace Hermeline, which started an interesting discussion (as I also mentioned that I would love to do a zip line that goes from Spain into Portugal – you do this by going across a river and obviously the border. So Pat and I have decided we need to start doing some exciting things – so perhaps my Dad’s idea of finding zip lines across the world that are interesting in some way. We have decided that we need to do the one at Espace-Hermeline as a starting point. Perhaps a way to celebrate the finishing of our living room?

Tuesday we headed into Limoges to held dad look for a new leather wallet – so into Galeries Lafayette we went. I spotted a wrap that looked lovely and decided that it was worth a closer look. It was lovely and then I looked at the price – at this point most things are put back on the hanger or shelf, I sigh and walk on wondering why I have such expensive taste, but not this time! The price was good so I went and put my French language skills into action and purchased it; a lovely item for the coming autumn. I then proceeded upstairs to the men’s section looking for my dad and Pat who were still looking through all the wallet’s but dad did eventually find one he liked.

I do think that part of tomorrow will be pulling out my winter clothes and looking through what I want to keep from my summer clothes. I’ve had a few items in my wardrobe which I just haven’t worn this summer and not because of the heat (or lack thereof) but just because I don’t think I like them all that much and since I did buy a few more t-shirts recently I really do need to remove a few items. One advantage of a small wardrobe – you really do keep only what is necessary, nice and works.

For now I wish you all à bientôt and remember Pat’s blog next week –

A couple of photos from the Chateau in the gardens, both of these windows are trompe l’oeil



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