Light at the end of the Tunnel – 26th August 2017

1. I’ve seen the specialist and he is very happy with how I’m healing and my blood results, and I’m back doing everything that I could before.
2. The insurance company finally came back with a decent amount for the car, and it is in the process of being fixed.
3. The ceiling and walls in the living room are painted and the floor is half way through being laid.
4. Summer is back (in style including high humidity).
5. I have a sleeping dog beside me.

Finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. However no more photos of the living room until it is finished.

So the past two weeks have been spent working (it has been a silly busy month which is unusual for August). Spending spare time painting the living room, and 1 night at a quiz. The quiz went well and despite getting a lousy 6.5 out of 20 for the music round we still won. We were paired with a couple we hadn’t met and we have decided to do the next quiz together. Interestingly I ran into them today just as I was leaving the hairdressers’, they were coming in. We had a quick catch-up (they very fortunately are off on holiday next week).

So what else has been happening, I’ll be honest I can’t think of a lot, my world has been resolving around working and painting. This week my dad arrives, so I’m looking forward to that and should have lots to talk about in my next blog. Sometimes life is just like that –  not much happens…

For now I wish you all à bientôt and remember Pat’s blog next week –

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