My first trip out – 29 July 2017

Good Afternoon all, I’ve finally been out and about. This week I’ve had 2 trips out, and I must admit it has been lovely. One trip was to an art class – so that one wasn’t too bad, very much doing what I had been doing at home, sitting down and painting. My second trip was to Brantôme yesterday with our house guest P. It was lovely to walk around the markets and then find somewhere for lunch. After which I requested to head home as I was absolutely exhausted, but it was good to go and get out – especially as yesterday was a lovely day. It will be a summer of scarfs unfortunately as the scar is not to be exposed to sunlight.

Pat and me in Brantome

Last weekend I created a picture in oil pastels which I’m really happy with. I’m going to have another go at this in acrylics and see what I come out with. But that will need to wait a few weeks, partly because as I get better I do want to get on with doing a few of the jobs around the house that I want to get sorted.

My painting inspired by a Jonathan Shaw painting.

Today we are hoping to head out for a walk this afternoon around a nearby lake, however we have had some unexpected rain –we are hoping that now that it has rained the clouds will disappear and the sun will come out. So far the morning has been spent eating croissants, drinking coffee and chatting so can’t really complain.

Next week I’m back to work, which will be good. My scar is healing well (I’ve put some photo’s at the end of the blog – if you are squeamish don’t look). My scar is around 8.5 cm long but I think it will be well hidden once it has totally healed.

For now I wish you all à bientôt and remember Pat’s blog next week –

Scar photos – you have been warned….


the day the dressing came off (2 weeks after op)

Today (nearly 3 weeks after op)

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