I’m doing fine – 15 July 2017

Hi all, typing this as I wait for the nurse to come and change my dressing. Pat has just had to ring them and ask where they are. So definitely an interesting few weeks for me, as you would have seen from Pat’s blog, I had my Vernissage – our student exhibition opening a week ago. It was a warm night and the turn out wasn’t as good as previous years, but I think that was more to do with the heat than anything else (there are pictures in Pat’s blog from last week). It was a good night looking at some fantastic paintings, drinking wine and chatting to people we know.

This week I have been into hospital to have half my thyroid removed. While it was all operating as it should I unfortunately had a cyst on my thyroid which caused some obstructions within my throat so it needed to go. I will admit coming around from this operation was horrible it has been over 20 years since I’ve been under a general anaesthetic and I’ve never had problems previously, unfortunately this time I was very nauseous and yes basically throwing up quite a bit – this didn’t stop until the following morning. The food at hospital wasn’t the best, I think that this was mostly because I was on a soft food regime – the yoghurt however was pure bliss on my throat as was my first cup of earl grey tea. When I came home, Pat very nicely made me scrambled eggs on very soft bread it was one of the yummiest things I’ve had in a while.

One thing I will say – the staff at the hospital were brilliant, there was a lot of Franglaise happening, but most of the staff had patience with me and my French. However, being woken between midnight and 1am for blood pressure, pulse and temperature checking is never pleasant.

Well the nurse has been and changed my dressing and is very happy with how things are healing. I’m glad to have a different dressing on, as the glue on the water proof ones were reacting with my skin, I have some interesting red marks across my neck and chest area at the moment.

I’ve been for a walk around the garden since I’ve been back, and I’ve had 2 courgettes and a yellow squash to pick. Before I went into hospital the cucumber plant gave us a cucumber – which was lovely as last year’s attempt to grow them gave us bitter ones. The tomatoes are coming along well and every plant has some fruit on them. Unfortunately my turnips didn’t do so well – most of them were eaten – and not by me – as were my carrots – at the moment I have 2 carrots growing! I’m going to attempt a second lot and see how we go. My aubergines are also going well, and have flowered, unfortunately my pepper (capsicum) plant just isn’t doing much, so I might have to move it. Our blueberries have also come to an end which is a shame as we do love blueberries. I will have to put in some other fruit (raspberries and strawberries I think) next year.

But for now I wish you all a bientôt and remember Pat’s blog next week – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk
(which should have photos of the completed living room sub-floor…)

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