The changeable weather – 01 July 2017

So how are things in our world? Improving thanks. We have had some interesting times over the past few weeks, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pat’s foot is almost back to 100% which is fantastic. The floor (well the sub-floor) of our living room will be going in next week and our car is now, probably, to be repaired. So everything is starting to get back to being normal.

the first sunflower

As to the weather – wow, I’m not use to it being so changeable. We have had weeks of hot (high 30’s, high humidity) day and hot nights where we needed the fan to sleep at night, and then Tuesday it changed – the storm finally hit, heavy rain, thunder, lighting and the temperature dropped and it has stayed like that since. We are back around 20 degrees and wet! For me summer shows up and that’s, that, you might get the occasional bit of rain – but for the most part it is hot and dry for the next 3 or 4 months (Perth’s average summer rain fall – 50.1mm – where I currently live in the Haute Vienne our driest month is still higher at 60mm). But I must admit everyone is saying that our current rainfall is unusual as we normally get a day or 2 of the storms in summer and then we go back to very hot. But it does mean that I haven’t had to water the garden for the last week, my water butt is fully again and weeding just became much easier. All the plants seem to have survived. I’ve even had one of my sunflowers open this week!

Along with that sunflower I’ve been finding some unusual poppies in the garden – I found a red one with its petals being white at the base, I currently have some completely pink ones, and pink ones with white at the base of the petals. 

Roses from one of my rose bushes – there are lots this year

My week has been good, work calmer, and I’ve had some time for socialising, Sunday we had Pat’s photo group around to ours after they had been out for a photo shoot session at the local motocross track, Tuesday I went to a friend’s house to have a coffee and a chat about thyroid removal (she had her whole Thyroid removed 10 years ago). My Friday was very busy, I had coffee with another friend from Zumba, then out for lunch with a group that we join regularly for lunch – there were a couple of new people – but surprisingly enough they were from Pat’s photo group so we already knew them. Then I went off for my last art class as we break for summer, after our art exhibition next Friday. I wanted some simple paintings for my class this week, so this is what I completed (I finished a big painting last week). And this morning I went and met another friend for coffee – which was great. It’s fun to catch-up and have a natter and a laugh.

simple but effective watercolour paintings (and fun)

Enjoy your week and remember Pat’s blog next week –

As an extra treat – a couple of photos that I got of a hummingbird-hawk moth one evening as it was drinking nectar from our lavender plants.

Hummingbird-hawk moth

Hummingbird-hawk moth

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