Pat my hero – 17 June 2017

Things in our world have stayed interesting over the past couple of weeks, but I will start with the positive. Firstly most of the beams (joists) for our floor are in, hopefully next weekend the floor can start to go in. The weather has been superb with lovely warm if not hot days with blue skies, my veggie patch is going well (though it is filled with weeds) – need to sort that. I’ve had Physalis (aka Inca Berry, Cape Gooseberry) I’ve tried these a couple of times before with no luck but this year – success. My flower bed which I started last year, is going from strength to strength this year with lots of self-seeded flowers popping up and some of the ones I put in this year are doing well.

Inca Berry – not ripe yet, but it is growing…

For those of you who read Pat’s blog last week, you will know that he was having a problem with his foot. Unfortunately he still is, but after another trip to the doctors who was very quickly getting Pat into a specialist (I will leave the full story for Pat in his next blog), he now has a set of much stronger antibiotics which seem to actually be working and his foot is starting to heal.

So why is Pat my hero? Well while Pat has having to deal with his own ill health, he has also having to sort the problems of double payment for the hire vehicle (from when we moved the beams). Sorting the car insurance – especially as the paperwork came back with the wrong car year, make and model! And as we were due to return the courtesy car on Friday to the garage that currently has our smashed up car, Pat had to deal with speaking with them to see if we can hang on the courtesy car. Thankfully the garage (it is our regular garage which services our vehicle) has said keep the car for the moment, we know there are problems with the paperwork.

Along with the above Pat has been dealing with me and my tiredness and my trip to the new specialist for translation duties. So after a hectic week this week (I’ve been winding up working for one of my clients as my current workload is too much for me while I’m ill) we headed off to the specialist who had a look through everything and said that yes into hospital I have to go to get half my thyroid removed. He did say it is an easy operation, around an hour, but of course I’m now dealing with all the hospital paper work in French! While I’m not looking forward to the operation, I am looking forward to not having the constant feeling of there being something stuck in my throat (this is due to the size of my thyroid pushing on my oesophagus).

So he is my hero, because he isn’t feeling great himself and yet he is still doing lots of complicated things to make my life easier – and he even bought me a cup of coffee to my bedside while I was writing this blog in bed.

To part on a positive note, last weekend (and it did take me all weekend) I got a few of the kitchen cupboard doors re-painted (yep repaint number 3). I used a paint sprayer this time, and I’m very happy with the result and how they look. Now to do the other 4 doors!

no longer white.

Enjoy your week and remember Pat’s blog next week –

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