Poppies are trying to take over the world – 20th May 2017

Well it feels like poppies are trying to take over my garden at least. They are all up in my lavender bed – which actually I like as they fill the space between the bulbs and the lavender flowering. But they have expanded their territory and are popping up in the patio, all my other garden beds, behind the shed (keeping them) and in the grass! However, poppies are not the only things popping up in the grass – we have a mole. A brave mole as Siena being part terrier has started digging at these interesting new mounds that have appeared in the grass. I’ve been surprised that we got a mole, not quite sure how it made it to our yard, but I’m not really all that fussed about it.

Last years photo of the poppies in my lavender

Flowers & art – perfection

Last weekend, as our beams hadn’t been delivered, Pat and I spent our weekend doing various things – one was visiting the flower show / sale at a lovely little village about 30 minutes away from us. It was a beautiful day – warm and sunny and we pottered about for an hour or so. I could have bought so many things, but ended up buying nothing as I was overwhelmed with the choice – next year I will be prepared with a list of what I want to buy. There were some lovely roses! My neighbour didn’t have the same problem, I saw her later in the day after she had just returned from the show – unpacking her car with lots and lots of flowering plants.

Roses everywhere

Flowers in the church

Unfortunately this weekend will also not be spent doing the new flooring of our lounge as the beams have still not arrived. We have been told Monday or Tuesday – we shall see. So I have been down in the garage, sanding some of our garden furniture and painting it. I’ve also painted our new door for the cave. The colour was not exactly what I wanted but it does the job and the colour has grown on me. Pat and I will be fitting the new cave door today so hopefully I will have a photo of it in-situ for my next blog.

Enjoy your week, remember Pat’s blog next week – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk

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  1. Linda Harrison says:

    Hi D
    I have same problem with poppies at the allotment! We’ve just had 3 days of v heavy rain and poppies found everywhere among broad beans and peas yesterday. It will look quite beautiful when they come out! L

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