Coffee and Croissant – 22 April 2017

Morning everyone, it is very early here and at the moment, I’m waiting for the Red Cross to arrive to take my blood. They were meant to be here at 7:30 but it is now 7:50 and still no-one, it is unusual and I’m just hoping that Pat got the message correct and that they are coming here and that I wasn’t meant to go down to them! Hope they will be here soon, especially as this blood test has to be taken before eating or drinking.

Home made Hot Cross Buns made for Easter – and yes they were yummy

The finish – yah

So you ask why a blood test, well my week has been odd. Last weekend (Easter) was lovely I had recovered to full health after my rather nasty cold, Pat and I finished re-pointing the back wall of the house (yah), which we were so happy about. I got into the garden cleared weeds, checked on my dahlia’s (not doing well, lost 2 of the 3 tubers over winter). Planted out some new plants that I have bought, and basically got things going in the lovely sunshine we have been having. The rest of the week started fine everything seemed to be ok, but Tuesday night I started to get a sore throat, Wednesday I very obviously had a swollen gland on the side of my neck so rang the doctors, Thursday evening off to the doctors we went – he checked my throat and my ears, blood pressure etc – nothing abnormal but of course you can see that my neck is swollen on one side and he very gently checked my neck. He asked when it came up and I said overnight on Tuesday. Apparently it is my thyroid, but he seemed concerned enough that he rang the local hospital first thing Friday morning to get me in for a ultrasound on my neck and he asked that I get a blood test ASAP. So currently I’m waiting for the blood test. Pat has just rung to ask where they are as it is unusual for them to be late, but we didn’t get a very satisfactory answer. I do love the fact that they will come to your house, but it does mean waiting around.

I have been for the ultra sound, very quick and efficient, can’t read what is on the report due to it being quite complicated technical French. The person doing the ultra sound did try to explain it to me but my French isn’t up to that level. But the word operation was used! It was very difficult to go for a hospital appointment and not understand what was being said to me, but I survived. But now I wait for my blood to be taken – while wanting a coffee and a croissant. I just answered the phone, it was the red cross, she is just running late, but she did ask where I live in my hamlet, now this is difficult to explain in English let alone in French, but the red cross do visit our neighbour regularly, so I asked if she knew my neighbour – yes she did so that was nice and easy. So I will be able to have my coffee and croissant soonish.

This weekend will again be busy, I’m meeting a friend for coffee this morning (yes I drink a lot of coffee) and then more work on the garden and the living room. The living room more to prepare it for clearing out as next weekend is the start of the demolition!

Enjoy your week and the lovely sunshine, and remember Pat’s blog next week –
PS. My blood has been taken (we were given the wrong time apparently), the croissants are warming in the oven and the coffee is made – time for breakfast I think

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