1 month later – 25th March 2017

A few of you may have noticed that there have been some missing blogs! Unfortunately this happened due to the French Air Traffic Controllers being on strike and Pat and I getting stuck in the UK for an extra 5 days. We did have a great time in the UK catching up with a lot of people we haven’t seen for a while; however it is nice to be back home in France. (The Christmas tree decoration bought while we were on holiday as a memento of the trip is a wooden heart painted with the phrase – “home is where the heart is” I think it will be a good reminder of our trip and our inability to get home). I’ve put a few of my photos from the trip at the end of the blog as Pat very much covered our trip in his blog.

So now that I’ve been back home for 2 weeks, what have we been up to? Well we attended a quiz last Saturday night – which was fun, we did better than expected but didn’t win. I also spent a lot of time in the garden; now that spring has sprung, I’m having to play catch-up in the garden. I’ve got my seedlings started – they were mostly all put in last weekend. I’ve also turned over one of my veggie plots, just need to finish off the other – I’m thinking that is a job for tomorrow.

Today I’m going to enjoy a day of no commitments. I’m thinking I might clean the house – which isn’t very exciting I know, but it hasn’t been done since we have been home. I’m also thinking that a nice long walk this afternoon with Siena will be fun. Pat is clearing out the “cave” as this sit’s below the living room floor and we need to do some work to the wooden beams supporting the living room floor before we replace the floor. Our plan is to hopefully have the living room finished this July, there is a lot of work to get through but we are hopeful that it can be done! I am having fun going through lots and lots of images on the internet of various living rooms. We have been considering changing our light fitting to something a bit bigger and there are definitely some unusual ones out there! But for me, so much of this is about trying to make the house feel like it’s mine (ok well ours but Pat doesn’t get that much input into the decorative process he just gets to do the work). So we plan and budget and we shall see what we end up with.

I am however still trying to decide what we will do with the ceiling, the options being:

• All white – which is easy and a little conventional.

the final image – with the ceiling painted grey

• Beams white and the bits in between grey (which is what I did in the entrance hall)
• Beams grey and the bits in between white (which I have seen and like).

So while I clean today I think I will be pondering what I want my living room to look like.

Enjoy your week and remember Pat’s blog next week – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk

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