I’ve been shopping – 28 January 2017

Yep shopping – spending money :-), yesterday after my French class Pat and I headed up to Limoges to get to a Troc (2nd hand store) before it closed for lunch; we made it in time, but unfortunately didn’t find what we were looking for (though I did get some more picture frames which I’m always on the hunt for). Then off to “family village” which is a purpose built shopping area with the big DIY store, furniture stores etc. After a bit more looking around the furniture stores (and having already done lots and lots of internet browsing), we came to the conclusion that the item I wanted was just not available at the price I wanted it. So what is this item? A new bathroom vanity, however due to the narrowness of the space in the bathroom we had come to conclude that we were going to need to look at a side board or chest of drawers, however life just isn’t that simple so we have now decided that we will just have to make do with what we have but with a few modifications.

However in our journey around the different stores we came across an armchair that was on sale, we both looked at it, I asked the question “do you think it would go into the spare room?” Pat looked at me, we sat down and tried them out and went “yep”. So while we had discussed putting an armchair in the spare room and hadn’t been planning on buying one before next year – there are just some things that you don’t walk past and an armchair for €60 is one of those things!

Our lovely new chair.

So what else was on our shopping list yesterday? Well some tiles – for the bathroom. We were struggling to find exactly what I wanted and we were looking and looking, Pat asked one of the staff (in lovely French) and she thought for a moment and then said “come with me” (in English)! She took us a few aisles down and voila I was in tile heaven, an hour later (yes 1 whole hour) we had decided what we needed and how much. So here is peek at the tiles, but you won’t see how they are to be used until we finish the bathroom.

yep they are tiles…

So on that note our other joy for the week was lunch out (twice for Pat, 3 times for me). Friday a week ago I had a lovely lunch with a group of women from a facebook group that I belong to (then I headed off to art class). Monday Pat and I both hauled ourselves away from our computers to go to a lunch with a new social group that we belong to. I ran into two ladies that I used to do art with, plus a few others that we knew, so while our break away from out computers was brief it was very enjoyable. And yesterday while we were out and about, we enjoyed a lunch at a little restaurant attached to one of the furniture stores. Now you would think that something like a furniture store restaurant wouldn’t have very good food, here in France that is not the case. We discovered that restaurants in stores and in shopping centres have very, good food, which is a joy as far as we are concerned.

So apart from our bathroom, work and the occasional lunch, we haven’t been up to too much.

Enjoy Pat’s blog next week at http://patblog.patbell.co.uk

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