Lucky Friday the 13th – 14 January 2017

For those of you who read Pat’s blog last week you will know we didn’t get to see the sunrise on New Year’s day, we tried but the fog defeated us. This week we have had snow forecast but we have yet to see any. It has felt cold enough for snow but mostly we have had either rain or sunshine. Can’t really complain about the sunshine.

Now as to the title of my blog, well yesterday in my one on one French class we went through French expressions for good and bad luck. A lot of similar (if not identical) ones in English, however while the number 13 is considered unlucky here, Friday the 13th is considered lucky. There is even a spike in lottery tickets being bought (yesterday’s euro millions was €13 million). And while I do realise that the date and day makes no difference to anything, I do like that little quirk of the day being lucky as apposed to unlucky.

So here are a few more:

Échelle à 13 barreaux – a 13 bar ladder is good luck

Voir une coccinelle – to see a lady bird is good luck

Voir un chat noir à la sortie d’un village – To see a black cat leave a village is bad luck

And my favourite and very French mettre le pain à l’evers – which means to put the bread upside down and of course that is bad luck.

So what else has been happening in my world, not a lot, however we do start the bathroom this weekend. Now the bathroom is sort of done, but it has been rather haphazard over the time we have been here, bath in straight away, shower in when the last one sprung a leak, painting the walls when I just couldn’t’ live with the apricot colour any longer. This time we are pulling everything out and actually putting things in with a little bit more finishing. Painting everything, however we are still in the process of looking for a vanity unit that will replace the existing one. I’ve almost given up!

So here are a couple of before shots and hopefully if a few weeks (we can only work on the weekend) we will have a finished shot! There won’t be that much difference but hopefully enough to make it feel more finished.

From the door looking into the bathroom

From the other end looking towards the door

Current vanity unit

Enjoy Pat’s blog next week at

Happy 60th R 🙂

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