A surprise blog for Christmas – 03 December 2016

Hello, yep this is a surprise blog. Why? Because I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my Christmas decorations. Now this isn’t as strange as it sounds, as a few years back, Pat and I decided that when we were travelling that we would by something for the Christmas tree as a memento. Now one thing we have discovered that if the object isn’t specific to the location it was bought, it can be very hard to remember where it was bought. So a couple of the items, while I think I know where we got them I’m not 100% sure.

This star which sits on the top of the tree. While this was not bought as a memento, it was bought because we needed something for the top of the tree – however it has now become a memento as we bought this when we were living in Lindfield at a Christmas market / fete that was on the high street one year. star
These two items were the first things we bought as mementos. They were bought on our first trip to Lübeck / Hamburg – unfortunately I can’t remember if I bought these in Lübeck or Hamburg – I’m fairly certain it was Hamburg but…. bell1shootstar
robin This lovely little robin is currently sitting on my Noel sign in the front window of our house. He was bought in a little gift shop in Staithes (one of my favourite places in the UK and for my Australian readers Capitan Cook lived here before going to sea).
bell2 Now this little bell, I adore – it even rings, however while I remember buying this bell with Pat – neither of us can remember where we bought it – we do know that we were in France and that it was only bought in the past few years.
This was when we started getting a little more creative with our tree decorations – this is a key ring – but for the €4 it cost us we thought it would be a great memento of our trip early this year to Bordeaux. bordeaux
This wonderful bauble was bought on our second visit to Monet’s garden, but bought to remind me of both visits to the wonderful place that is Giverney.  giverney
 rome For the religious amongst you I apologies for any offence – but this item is a catholic rosary – bought at the Vatican in Rome as a memento of our trip to Rome last year (I need to go back – after 2 visits still haven’t seen it all).
 limoges Lastly – this is a wonderful Limoges Porcelain bauble deliberately bought as a memento of our time here in France. Not that we are going anywhere soon.

Now that gives you a little idea of what is on my tree this year. As we are not planning on travelling next year there won’t be anything new. However maybe I can allocate the lovely little white ornament on the tree which I have no idea where it came from!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy Pat’s blog next week  http://patblog.patbell.co.uk

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