To bake or not too bake? – 26 November 2016

I’ve continued my baking challenge, the past two week’s olive fougasse and chocolate brownies. Both were ok but the fougasse needed more flavour, so next time some herbs I think and maybe some cheese. As to the chocolate brownies, I’ve actually made 2 lots.

Yummy - brownies

Yummy – brownies

They were yummy first time round, but I did burn the edges and they sunk in the middle when I got them out of the oven. The 2nd lot didn’t burn but still sunk, after a google search (by Pat) we’ve discovered that I’ve been beating too much air into them! So not as much mixing next time, but I will say this much they still taste superb especially slightly warmed and with a scoop of vanilla icecream (and custard! Pat).

My weeks have been spent working, but my weekends have been much more relaxing. Last weekend I finished another painting – it was very quick and I think the shadow needs some more work on it, but I painted this damsel fly.



Saturday I went off for a coffee with a friend, Pat and I then picked up some lamb from one of my painting class friends and then we went off to a troc in search of a piece of furniture that I hope to turn into our vanity in the bathroom. While we found quite a few that were good they were either too high or too long (or both). While I don’t mind something being a bit high, it just can’t be too long. So more searching is needed.

Sunday was a little more relaxing, with a slow start to the day, but then on to another Christmas type market – this one was a called a gift market. We did buy a few more gifts and I bought some chocolate for myself (well it looked so good) and as we left we did buy a couple of Brownies – I did need to know what to aim for!

The other joy of the week was my first trip to the doctor in France. I was sent off for blood tests, which was actually done here at home, I needed to have a morning test before I had eaten anything so at around 8:30am on Tuesday morning the nurse was at the door ready to take my blood. All very efficient, and I’ve already had the results back (by mail and sent to myself and the doctor). Appointment already set for going back to the doctors to discuss the results but in looking at the results everything seems to be fine.

This weekend is looking busy, this evening Pat and I are off to a dinner and buffet with a new social group we have joined. We already know people in this group so tonight should be fun as we do know people who are going. Tomorrow I plan on finishing the Christmas cards and Pat and I will be putting up the Christmas tree  hopefully with some lights outside (29 days to go!).

So on the Christmas note, I’ll sign off. Various trips for both Pat and I over the next few weeks so no blog next week – but Pat’s blog will be up in two weeks –

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  1. Linda says:

    You’ve made me think of Christmas planning . I will get my international cards sorted in next week! Goid to see baking going well. L

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