Autumnal Baking – 29 October 2016

Well autumn has really set in, in our part of rural France. The leaves are all turning vibrant colours and falling and the chestnut harvest is underway. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year – partly because of the colours and I also think because growing up in Western Australia, we really didn’t get such a dramatic seasonal change. I do enjoy days such as today, which is sunny but cool.

I’ve still been busy with work, and as I mentioned last week, trying to make sure that I do something I love every day. I’ve been out walking with Siena almost every day. We even had an added bonus of 2 children and another dog yesterday. One of our neighbours had her 2 grandchildren with her so they decided to come on our walk with us, Dougie – a wonderful little white dog belonging to our neighbour also came along, both he and Siena loved it. I will admit the young girl (who is learning English at school) spoke a million miles an hour in French and I found it near impossible to keep up, Pat however was able to follow most of the conversation.

I’ve also decided to bake something new each weekend over the next month. I did start early, with baking a chocolate cake – not my normal chocolate cake but a totally different recipe and different icing – it is ok, not the best cake I’ve ever made but since half of it is already gone it can’t be too bad! So at the moment I’m putting my list together of things to make:
Olive Fougasse (if you watched GBBO this year – you will know what this is) – my dad’s birthday card included this recipe so I just have to do this.
I don’t think I’ve ever made chocolate brownies so that is going on the list, open to suggestions of other items…

I’m also back to all French classes – which is good, my one-on-one teacher has moved me up a level to us trying to do the whole class in French, which was interesting. Apparently my pronunciation is getting better – which is good, but I do still find it difficult to hear the differences between certain words. So there is still a long way to go.

Also had my painting class yesterday, below are two photos – one taken last week the other this week. Only a little more to do before this is completed but need to let it dry completely before I finish. Photos were taken on my camera phone so not the best quality but it does show the progression which is good.  Next time – the final picture.

Fish 1 (2nd week)

Fish 1 (2nd week)

Fish 2 - 3rd week

Fish 2 (3rd week)

So, until next time, have a lovely couple of weeks, and don’t forget Pat’s blog next week –

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