All good things must come to an end – 1st October 2016

Don’t worry it is not my blog that is coming to an end. It’s just that yesterday we put my mum on a train (to the airport) for her return journey to Australia. It is sad to see her go and now we must get back to our work (I’ve had the last week away from work). But the work will include getting back to the re-pointing and a few things in the garden in preparation for Winter.

Monet's Garden

Monet’s Garden

So what did we do with the last week of my mum being here? It started with a trip last weekend to Giverny – yes a return visit to Monet’s gardens, which I will admit was fantastic. The gardens of course had different flowers in bloom and the water lilies were out (our previous trip was in May). The main garden was full of dahlias and sunflowers. I must admit dahlias are some of my favourite flowers and after the success of my 3 plants this year, I’m putting in many more next year. We also got to see a fantastic painting exhibition at the Impressionist Gallery in Giverny by Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla, which I loved.

Mum at Giverny

Mum at Giverny

Mum and I also did a day trip to Limoges and a visit to the Limoges art gallery. We had a look at the old butcher’s quarter and we had lunch at a very interesting little restaurant – which on Saturdays does a French style brunch (or fish and chips!), thought it wasn’t what I was planning or expected it was lovely.

For mum’s last day with us we headed over to the Château de La Rochefoucauld which was a lovely day out. Whilst it was cool, the sun was shining and we enjoyed our wander around the inside and outside of the Château. We then headed off for lunch at a little restaurant at the base of the Château which was also beside the river. This was a lovely way to finish the day.

Mum at the Chateau

Mum at the Chateau

So Friday morning we were up at 6am (I haven’t had to do that for a couple of years now so that was not fun!) we drove mum to the train station for her train and as I type this her flight should be coming in to land in Australia. It will have been a long journey for her.

So on that note I load my blog and look at the sun outside and realise that I really need to get out to get my work done.

You also get a 2 for one this week – as we were away last weekend, you get Pat’s blog today and next week –

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