Summer is here – 23 July 2016

Good Morning everyone I’m sitting in bed while writing this and it is 9:55am! Yes I kid you not, I slept in this morning until 9:30, very unusual for me these days as I usually get more than enough sleep during the week. Obviously this week I didn’t – partly because it has been warm at night but also I’ve been reading late at night. I’ve not had as much work as usual this week, except for a busy day yesterday, so it is really starting to feel like summer.

As Pat mentioned we had a busy time at a Garden Party for one of the social groups we belong to, which was lovely as the weather was beautiful, we chattered away, ate good food (including scones) and we had a raffle – in which I won a red rose bush. It is now in the garden and surviving the hot summer weather (plus the few storms we’ve had).

On Bastille day we headed off to friends for a bbq and fireworks – great night chatting to friends however I was too tired and we left before the fireworks began, we decided that we would go to our local events on the weekend to get the photos we wanted. Unfortunately due to what happened in Nice our local ones were cancelled as a sign of respect. Thankfully madam who lives next door came and told us that they had been cancelled otherwise we would have been leaving the house at around 10:50pm to go to our planned vantage point to watch them when they started at 11:00pm. That is one thing I find difficult here, the fact that it gets dark so late in the evening so things like fireworks displays start so late.

Again as Pat mentioned in his blog we had the student exhibition opening our Vernissage. It was a great evening, chatting to so many people and running into someone I hadn’t seen for a year. It was a great night and good to see my paintings in amongst everyone else’s. I felt that they looked good, one of my class mates asked after my mountain picture and was surprised that I hadn’t put it in the exhibition. Unfortunately it still isn’t framed. We were going to have pizza from the local pizza van, which sets up opposite the gallery on a Friday, after we had finished with the Vernissage, unfortunately when we came out he had orders which would have given us a 1 hour 40 minute wait. We decided against the pizza. Interestingly if would have been our first take away in France if we had been able to get it!

Below are a few photos of my flowers that are coming out – this is the first time I’ve grown flowers from seed. It has taken a lot longer than I thought and a lot haven’t survived. But I’ve got flowers now (not enough to cut) and one of my dahlia’s is definitely going to flower (again grown from seed) I’m pleased with this but I’ve discovered that I need to sow a lot more seeds to get the results I want; a learning experience for next year.

Antirrhinum - Day and Night

Antirrhinum – Day and Night

My marigolds in my veggie patch - I love these

My marigolds in my veggie patch – I love these

Today my plans are continuing the re-pointing of the back wall of the house, finishing painting a wall in the house (2nd time I’ve run out of paint trying to paint this wall) and ripping up the carpet on the landing to expose the floor boards – photos next time.

Remember Pats blog next week –

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