Not much happening– 9th July 2016

Well it has been a quiet couple of weeks in our part of France. We haven’t really been doing much, just getting on with the things we won’t to do. Pat is still re-pointing the back wall, and I think I’m going to have to start helping as it is very lengthy process, along with being very hard work. But before then I really do need to finish weeding the veggie patch, which is coming along very well. I will be taking my first produce from it today, as I noticed last night while watering, a couple of the courgettes are ready. I’ve also got tomatoes growing – I can see the tiny green tomatoes forming out of the flower so that is good, we will have some to eat, and my one surviving cucumber plant has some baby cucumbers on it. Unfortunately my spinach – I think this is the 3rd lot I’ve tried, just keeps failing, not sure why but it is. Also my Aubergine’s don’t look very happy. My peppers (capsicums) I’ve left in the greenhouse this year, they have grown into lovely plants but no flowers yet. I will admit the garden has been a lot more work than I ever imagined. I’m now thinking of just getting a few things finished off and buying some flowering shrubs rather than doing my grand plans as I don’t have the time or the desire to do so much work in the garden.

We have finally had a week of wonderful weather, we’ve been eating breakfast and dinner outside most days. It has been lovely, especially as I’ve done a little shopping in the sales for new summer clothes and I’ve been able to wear them. Though I did have to return a couple of items this week, I thought to myself, oh I’ll do that on Tuesday (my day off) and then it clicked, Le Tour de France arrived into Limoges on Tuesday – I wouldn’t be able to get near the place, so late Monday afternoon we had a quick trip up to Limoges to return my things. I did watch the end of the Tour on Tuesday, it was great to see things I know.

A few of you may have noticed that I have changed my photo at the top of my blog. This was taken last Saturday (by my lovely husband) after I returned from having my hair cut. After attempting to grow it for a year, I’m back to having a bob and loving it.

a door knocker!

a door knocker!

Also had my last watercolour class yesterday as we break for the summer, thankfully got to finish my picture in class. I was very happy to see the back of this painting. While I like the end product, this was a difficult picture for me, as a lot of the work is achieved by removing paint to get the highlights, not an easy thing. However I am pleased that I got the depth into the painting. Our student exhibition starts next week, with the grand opening on Friday night, looking forward to that. It is actually a very busy week for us socially, but that will all be for the next blog.

Remember Pats blog next week –

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