“I reject your reality and insert my own” – 11 June 2016

I love the above quote, one I heard while watching MythBusters but once googled discovered that it was originally a line from a 1984 film called The Dungeonmaster, which according to Wiki “This line is actually a rephrasing of dialogue spoken by actor Tom Baker in the 1976 Doctor Who serial The Deadly Assassin.”

So why do I like this quote so much, well apart from it being fun, it is in some ways very true; as we all do view our own reality. Eg. Two people can remember the same event very differently, and our brains do a lot of constructing of the world around us, so I guess different brains do different things.

Anyway, on to what has been happening in my life. I finished another painting. I am running out of space for them all. I love how well the mountains have worked out in this picture. It is a picture of the Pyrenees mountains, I can’t quite remember where I (or Pat) took this photo from, but I’m fairly sure we were in the South East of France staying near Mirepoix.

My mountain painting is finished

My mountain painting is finished

Last weekend I spent time painting the entrance hall and stairway, well the wooden beams in these places anyway. The entrance is very light now, all white. My plan is to paint the space on the ceiling between the beams a light grey. I think it will work. That is what I hope to do this afternoon, my plan was to do it last Tuesday, but on Monday night I remembered we had guests arriving on Tuesday. So we spent the day cleaning the house and shopping for our guests. Unfortunately for R&L who were driving they got caught out by the large number of road closures in the north of France (due to the flooding & bad weather) so their journey took them a lot longer than anticipated. But they arrived safe and sound along with Dave the dog late on Tuesday evening.

We’ve had a good few days with them, they headed off yesterday to an hour south of us to join friends for a wedding that is taking place this weekend. And while we have had absolutely beautiful weather for the whole week, the weekend is looking very wet. The wedding is at a Chateau so I think they will be fine. We however get the bonus of dog sitting Dave for the weekend. Siena is a little jealous at times but I think this is good for her. She and Dave do have a lot of fun together. He has to be handed back on Monday which I already don’t want to do, but I think R&L would come looking for their dog.

We also had a lovely meal out on Thursday lunch time. I will admit that coming back home to work after a 4 course meal (with wine & coffee for €13.50) was hard. All I wanted to do was curl up and sleep, which is what everyone else did. It was a lovely meal and I even skipped one course (the salad one which had tuna with it). The others, however, had gone for a 5km walk in the morning, unlike me (I was working). The dogs were also very well behaved at the restaurant which was lovely.

So today, we are planning on heading off to an art exhibition this morning and then Pat will be pointing outside and I will be painting the ceiling in the hall so that hopefully I can have photo’s for you all for next time. But here are a couple to give you an idea of where things are at. (captions available if you hover over image)

So until next time.

Remember Pats blog next week – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk

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