Trompe l’oeil – part 2 – 28th May 2016

For those of you who read Pat’s blog last week, he had been to a nearby town, with his photo club, to photo some trompe l’oeil. We had been talking about small trompe l’oeil in art class – especially small items like keys or a feather, so our art teacher is putting a class over the summer on how to paint small trompe l’oeil. Unfortunately it is while we have visitors, but still hoping to go to one of the classes. My plan is to see if I can paint a small flower or the like on our new piece of furniture and since I’m going to be sanding it back and giving it a white wash it just felt like a good time to also do the rest. I’ve recently got quite interested in the paintings and if you google trompe l’oeil you can see some fantastic examples (and some naff ones).

In continuing the painting theme, my paintings for the bathroom are back from the framers and have been put up in the bathroom. They will be coming back down again for the student exhibition as these are the pictures I’m planning on submitting – though my current mountain scene is also a contender.

All framed and now up

All framed and now up

So what else have I been up to? Well lots actually, last Friday one of my friends organised a lunch via a Facebook page (Ladies In France Together) and 27 people showed up (me included). It was a great lunch and I got to meet some local people, one of who runs a fitness class (along the lines of Zumba) on Thursday nights at one of the local Salle de Fete (town hall). So off I toddled Thursday night to the class, ran into my French teacher and a few others I had met at the lunch and had a fantastic time. I am feeling it a little today, but I will be going back next Thursday. Also got told about another class in another nearby town on Monday’s but not sure if I will also go to that one, need to make my mind up.

Last weekend, Saturday was lovely and I finally got all my veggies out into the veggie patch (except my capsicums (bell peppers). I’m keeping those in the greenhouse this year to see if they will ripen better. Very happy with how it’s all going and my marigolds which I had planted out early are all coming along nicely. I think I’m going to have to put a few more out. I’m also hardening off a few other plants which will hopefully all be producing flowers come July August so that I can have some cut flowers in the house. The Dahlia’s which I planted out a few weeks ago are ok, I think I’ve lost 2 of them but my fuchsia’s are dying and I don’t know why, I’ve never had problems with them before.
Unfortunately in doing all this gardening in the lovely sunshine I did get a little pink. Rather annoyed with myself as I do try to avoid getting sun burnt. We now have some sunscreen in the house!

Our contrast to Saturday was an incredibly wet Sunday. We had planned to go to a local fete day nearby – ie. Within walking distance. We had missed last year’s and were looking forward to this year’s event. It had been raining in the morning but a with break in the weather, off we headed with Siena. We had a little bit of rain while walking but nothing too bad, unfortunately once we arrived at the fete the heavens opened. It was so wet the Siena kept trying to find ways to get out of the rain. She was very happy once we got home and into the dry.

I felt sorry for the people who had come to sell their wares – they were thankfully under cover but the wet weather just meant that there weren’t very many people there. We did however get some bread which was baked in a local oven (the old village oven) we also got some plants (herbs for my herb patch) and some lovely strawberries. The vide grenier (car boot sale) was rather lacking – but lots of points for those who showed up (however I will take them away from the person who then dumped their unsold items on the ground at our recycling pick-up point – they are none recyclable).

The rest of the week has had similar weather, lovely one day, raining the next, but it does mean that everything is growing. However it also means that both Pat and I have picked up sore throats, Pat got his first and mine is now really starting to kick in. We are hoping to be able to get out and do some pointing on the back wall this weekend – along with me finishing a couple of jobs inside. We shall have to wait and see what the weather brings and how our throats are doing.

So until next time.

Remember Pats blog next week –

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