Is a change as good as a holiday? –14th May 2016

It is said that a change is as good as a holiday, and I’m starting to think that may be true. Why? Well Pat and I have been talking about things that we would like to do to the house. For me there isn’t a room that I don’t want to do something to in our house. Which I know Pat finds frustrating. But today while re-arranging furniture in the lounge. I realised that while I like this house – a lot – I want to love it and make it a reflection of me (well it will be of us as Pat does have a say). So I’ve re-arranged the lounge (see below) and for those of you who know the house, you will see the changes. Part of this happened last weekend, after I decided to move one of the bookcases and I’m pleased with how the living room now looks. Ok the room still needs to be painted and the floor re-done but at least I’m really happy with the furniture layout. I have removed one set of curtains and even though they didn’t cover the window much, the extra light into the lounge is fantastic.

Lounge from entry

Lounge from entry

back towards entry

back towards entry

From bookcase

From bookcase

I’ve also re-arranged the spare room (though I did do this before Pat’s family came. I’m now on to our bedroom. Which needs to be sorted as we have a new (new to us, it’s second hand) dutch cabinet arriving this week. It’s for added storage and so we can sell our very modern drawer tall boy, which doesn’t really fit with what we currently have in the bedroom.

So apart from furniture moving what else has changed, well I’ve had a haircut, and while I was prepared to cut my hair all off, my hairdresser convinced me that as it had taken me so long to grow it that it might be worth keeping and let her style it (I had been growing out a bob so it was looking a little dull). I love what she has done with it, but I must admit it is difficult for me to reproduce, but even my not so great efforts still look decent.

I’ve also got out my summer clothes and been going through my winter clothes to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. I also need to do this with my summer clothes, as due to my weight loss my clothes no longer fit me well. I’ve only lost 5 kilos (almost a stone) but it has made a big difference to my clothes and I have gone down a size (7cm off the hips, 5cm off my waist). The plan is to be at my ideal weight by September (which is slow but it’s working). The other bonus is my bmi has gone from Obese to overweight – which ok is not great, but I was amazed to find I was in the obese range.

So overall lots of change happening in my life, but thankfully it’s all good.

Here’s a couple of photo’s – my painting that I finished last week (Orchid) and the one I’ve started this week – the mountains.


Low res photo as it's from my phone

Low res photo as it’s from my phone

So until next time.

Remember Pats blog next week –

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