Now What? – 30th April 2016

Well now that my month of April is almost at an end, our challenge of making sure we did at least one new social thing a week has come to an end. It has been good, with us meeting new people and getting ourselves out and about. Last Saturday night we headed out for a quiz (yes another one) we didn’t win this time, but we didn’t lose either so happy with that. It was an enjoyable night and we got to meet some more new people. We also ran into some people we had met previously so that was nice. Now to decide what to do in the month of May, I’m thinking it might be fun to do some letter writing as I haven’t done any for a long while. Maybe a letter a week to someone I haven’t written to in a long time? Who knows?

Last Sunday there was a “day of the garden” event in a little village nearby. So we decided to head off to have a look. We bought a couple of Aubergine plants (as I haven’t planted any seeds for Aubergines) and we bought what I thought was 1 fuchsia plant in a pot. Once I got it home to get it into my flower bed I’ve discovered that it is actually 3 plant’s so very happy with that. I also had a very confused girl who when I was paying for the plant and I asked her what it was called she looked confused, so I continued saying in English it is fuchsia, at which point she twigged and said it is also called fuchsia in French. I think the confusion was because as Pat and I had been talking about which plant to buy we had been using the work fuchsia.

It was a nice hour spent out with Siena. We ran into a few people we know. Including friends who have a new rescue dog (Mia), it was her (Mia’s) first outing into public. Siena was her usual bouncy self which was not enjoyed by Mia. We are hoping that eventually they become friends so that we can walk Mia and Siena together.

Yesterday, Pat’s son, daughter-in-law and grandson all arrived. After a few minor mishaps (hotel at Bristol airport booked for the wrong night, hold luggage not showing on ticket etc.) they arrived safe and sound for their week-long visit. Thankfully it is a bank holiday in the UK so I will be able to spend some extra time with them before I go back to work. We headed off to a market this morning, in a nearby town. It was good, but not as busy as it is in summer, we did get one rainfall so we jumped into a Salon de Thé (tea shop) which also was a brocante (2nd hand shop), good coffee and interesting stuff. It is unfortunately still raining and we do hope it will stop soon so that we can head off to one of the local parks for the little one.

We were worried that Siena would jump on him, but she only did it once and hasn’t done so since. She is loving him, he wants to play with her, and loves running around the couch as much as she does! Hopefully off for a picnic by a lake tomorrow and then on Monday lunch time meal out at a local restaurant to celebrate Pat’s birthday. The rest of the week is various things such as the zoo, Limoges, the aquarium and whatever else we can find that is of interest.

So until next time.

Remember Pats blog next week –

Sorry no photo’s this week.

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