How we view the world – 16th April 2016

I think most of us realise that we all view the world slightly differently to one another. That we apply our own filters to what we see and how we see things. I therefore always find it interesting when I find filters or things that people do as a collective – ie. The vast majority of people do it. I watched a couple of Ted talks the past couple of weeks by Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) the first about women leaders and the second a follow up to this original talk. I’ve also now downloaded her book onto my kindle so that I can read it. Now obviously I’m not a leader, but I work and have worked with and for some fairly powerful and ambitious women. I have found it fascinating to be made aware of the different standards that we apply to men and to women (and you may disagree – but the research shows this is what we do). I have also, realised that my attitude to the person I work for as an assistant, reflects on how they are viewed by others.

Now I don’t necessarily have a solution to these differences – but I do think if we are aware of them it makes it easier to solve or at least work with. However, I don’t think these differing standards are good for either men or women. I also found it interesting how the different way in which men and women think also can hold women back and make men take excessively high risks – neither which is a good thing. For me I also think being aware of the difference as early as possible can help us all, because hopefully we won’t apply these to our children and the way that they think will change. And now that I’m aware of these differences, hopefully I will be able to adjust my own thinking.

This is the link to the book on amazon if any of you are interested – and please note this would be a good read for both men and women.
Lean In

New path, part way through

New path, part way through

So what else has been happening in this part of rural France and my life? Well the spring weather is continuing with – lovely one day, rain and storms the next. I’ve been out into the garden again and planted out the first few veggies and the like. It’s most probably too early for them but hopefully they will survive.

We are still attempting to do one new social thing each week, last Sunday it got slightly modified due to the fact that our friends have a new rescue dog and couldn’t head out as she was still settling in. So as it was one of sunny days, we got out into the garden, we did however get invited next door for gateau after lunch, so not only did we get a social event it was conducted all in French, which was good for me. I also did some baking last Sunday, banana muffins & some muesli biscuits – which we took next door and they loved and have asked for the recipe, so now I’m going to need to get the recipe off the internet and then translate it into French.

My French has been a real struggle over the past couple of weeks, and even unfortunately included me bursting into tears in class – not a good look; but then past tense in French is not an easy thing, especially when one is still grappling with current tense. I took a break for a week and didn’t do anything and then on Tuesday before class this week I sat down and did the previous week’s homework around the past tense and the cause of tears. Thankfully that space was just what I needed as I got most of my homework correct. My plan is to now get back to making sure I get 30 minutes of French in, each day.

Another thing I did over the past couple of weeks, was get the Contact paper out again, this time to cover our bedside tables. I couldn’t find the paper I was looking for so settled on a marble look. I like the result and it has extended out the life of these tables as they were starting to look very worn. I would prefer to paint them, however painting Ikea furniture is not for the fainthearted and there is quite a process involved so I have discovered.

We also have bought some new bedside lamps, I’ve been hunting for the past six months to try and find something that both Pat and I liked and would do the job of giving more light to read by as Pat was struggling with my old ones; which we loved the look of but didn’t give off much light. We finally found the ones which you can see on the photo below of my bedside table. The best thing – the name of the lamp “Delia”, did make me giggle, not the most French of names, but obviously I’m making an impact!

Revamped Bedside table & Lamp

Revamped Bedside table & Lamp


We also got a new light for above our dining table. Again a necessity as our old light wasn’t giving enough light above the table. Now I did prefer one that was white in colour but considering the price difference was nearly €100 we went for the black one. I have googled how to paint metal light fixtures, most of the results are in relation to painting brass, but I guess the difference isn’t too great. The other issue is that they refer to products that are American products so not the easiest thing to get hold of here.

New Kitchen Light

New Kitchen Light

Our other neighbour did a short break to Barcelona this week and asked us to look after his geese. So we now have 4 goose eggs in the fridge. Suggestions of what to do with them would be good (we did a Spanish tortilla last time).

So until next time.

Remember Pats blog next week –

PS. Calendar still not fixed it will be by the end of the weekend.

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