What to do? – 2nd April 2016

Well the spring weather has been true to form and on and off over the past 2 weeks. It’s either lovely or crap. It just can’t decide. Which means that last weekend’s gardening was done in-between the rain showers, and it looks like this weekend’s will also be between rain showers. I will admit it was also frustrating to start digging my new flower bed and to hit rock! On the first hole this was annoying on the 2nd I thought, “this cant’ be happening”, 3rd hole it was “bollocks there is a buried path here!” So after lots of digging, I have now removed the path stones (they will be recycled for our new path) and planted out some of my plants for the new bed.

Uncovered path - half dug up.

Uncovered path – half dug up.

I’ve also started my next lot of seedlings and planted them into their containers. I think the resident mouse in the green house has eaten all my coriander seeds (well the ones I’ve planted in the seedling tray) so the coriander may now have to wait until it is warmer and can be planted straight into the ground.

Pat and I did also have a very nice easter break, with lots of chocolate which we are slowly working our way through. For me it was nice to have 5 days off in row and just being at home.

My trying a new thing every month is now into its fourth month. My plan for April is to do at least one new social thing every week. So Pat and I have joined 2 social groups, one slightly north of us and one slightly south and yesterday so far we have been to 2 events. One was a lovely drinks party last weekend and yesterday we went to a coffee morning catch-up, which was fun. This group has a garden club and a lunch club – both of which I will join, however I think Pat will only be interested in the lunch club. I was able to do the coffee morning yesterday as we are having a term break for art class, which enabled me to work in the afternoon. Pat and I also decided to head off for lunch after our coffee morning. We went to a new restaurant and had a lovely 3 course lunch – I really do like the serious French attitude to lunch.

So far in April we have 2 quizzes lined up and one meal. I’ll most probably try to get a couple of other things in. Like this morning I met a friend for coffee and then a little bit of clothes shopping (well 2nd had clothes shopping). I need new jeans and a new belt but didn’t want to spend too much as I will be losing more weight. I didn’t end up buying anything because unfortunately they didn’t have anything in my size.

I’ve also decided that I won’t say good bye to my gratitude diary for now, but only look for one new thing each day to have been grateful for; as trying to find 3 new things every day for another month will be a little daunting. But some of the things over the past week that I’ve been thankful for include:
• the silence in my backyard at night;
• the number of stars at night, you can see so many here;
• playing with my dog.

We realise that the calendar on my blog has not been updated recently. We will be hoping to rectify this over the next week or so.

So until next time.

Remember Pats blog next week – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk

The tulips at my front door, just because they make me smile

The tulips at my front door, just because they make me smile

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