Slightly delayed blog – 9th March 2016

Well it has been busy in this part of the world. I’ve started my seedlings and been very happy with how they are coming along. I’ve got lettuce and Dahlia’s poking their heads through the soil. This weekend I’ll be sorting the March seedlings and the plan is to get totally stuck into the garden over Easter.

I’ve finally been to the dentist. First time since I’ve been in France – nothing to get done – yah. Obviously the fear factor of having to go to the dentist has made sure that I’ve been cleaning right!

We’ve also had friends over for a roast lamb lunch the other week. That was lovely. My wonderful husband cooked. We then went for a nice walk in the bluster weather along with Siena. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

My month of not watching TV has come to an end. Did it work – sort of. I watch significantly less tv and got a lot more done. But I did discover that I do need some down time – either reading, watching tv or having a bath – something that is restful and doesn’t take too much brain power. Otherwise I’m just too exhausted to do everything that I want to. This month I’m doing my gratuity journal, in which at the end of the day I record 3 things that I was grateful for over that day. The 3 things must be new each day (ie. No repeating).

So why was my blog late? It was late because I’ve been back in the UK – Scotland to be precise! Incredibly cold I must admit. I was there for KI’s birthday but also to do some wedding things. It was a great weekend. I arrived safe and sound on Friday after a flight in a 29 seater aircraft – yes it was noisy and yes a little rough on the way down (I got to repeat it all on my return). A quick stop for a walk along the beach and off to K&S’s home, we had wine, pizza and lots to talk about (& I got to see the wedding dress – it’s lovely). Saturday was spent shopping – not one of KI’s favourite past times but her choice. Sunday, after a wonderful breakfast of blueberry pancakes, veggie bacon and sausages with maple syrup from Massachusetts, we went to Dunnottar Castle – this place is amazing. But you know you have been up and down the steps to the place.
After Dunnottar Castle a quick stop at Stonehaven, for some hot chips and a drink (well we were in the pub) and then onto getting some ice cream!

Monday was a relaxing day spent at a spa. There had been snow overnight so that was fantastic, apparently the northern lights had also been visible overnight, but unfortunately as we were inside with the curtains drawn sorting wedding things we didn’t see a thing. Such is life.

I will see you in two weeks and remember Pats blog next week –

Enjoy the photos.

Aberdeen Beach - and yes it was cold

Aberdeen Beach – and yes it was cold

Me before climbing all the stairs to Dunnottar Castle

Me before climbing all the stairs to Dunnottar Castle

View from the castle

View from the castle

At the castle

At the castle

Stonehaven - KI eating icecream

Stonehaven – KI eating icecream

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