Travel, Dinner and Gloves – 12th December 2015

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. Our weather has been all over the place – some days it is freezing and others it has been quite mild. We have however had a fair bit of sunshine which when it is cold is lovely. It has meant the digging out of the gloves and on a couple of occasions a hat – especially when walking the dog. However this week we are back to the mild days and no hat required especially when the sun is out.

However on Wednesday evening I caught a flight and now I’m in the wonderful county of Buckinghamshire. Yep I’m back in the UK! I had a client Christmas dinner to attend on Thursday night. It was lovely as it was the first time I had met everyone face-to-face. The joy of the internet, I can see people, speak with them, organise their diary but not have actually met them. It was a great night – good food, good wine and interesting conversation – along with the usual bad cracker jokes, raucous behaviour, laughter and cocktails.

It also means that I get to stay with my in-laws and catch-up with them which is really nice in the lead up to the holidays. I’m also catching up later today with friends in London for a Christmas lunch so looking forward to it. I fly back home tomorrow, along with one of Pat’s friends from his university days.

As a treat to myself I got my nails done before I came away. But I originally decided that perhaps I would go for a manicure once I arrived in the UK. While looking for a beauty salon I came across gel nail polish. I’m not sure how I had missed this over the past few years, but I had. I found out my local beauty salon actually uses the gel nail polish – so I opted for them before I travelled. I’m amazed at my sparkly nail polish. The colour is fantastic but as I type this blog, 5 days after having my nails painted, they still look fantastic. Not a chip in sight and I usually chip them within a day. I’m amazed. How I missed this nail polish before I don’t know, but really, really impressed with it.

This is a picture of my nails today…Nails
Not the best photo but the nails still look like new.

As an interesting aside – I figured the word manicure came from French as main is hand in French – well I was partly correct, it is from latin via the French language manus (hand) – which is the root word for the French and cura (care) (
I found this fascinating :-).

So on that note I wish you a lovely run-up to the holidays, I will see you in two weeks (on boxing day) and
Remember Pats blog next week –

PS. Don’t forget – Pat’s photo from the competition he has been shortlisted in, is now up on the web, have a look at this site –
Pat’s is the photo entitled 27 – Galerie d’Hercules, Château de Rochechouart (it is of an amazing fresco and a modern installation of white rocks!). To vote for the picture – click on the photo to get a larger image, then just click the thumbs up icon at the top right of the photo to vote for it. There are 2 other categories (albums) if you want to look at the other photos from our area – just click on the world “album” on the right had side of the screen and the list (3 categories, patrimonie (heritage), paysage (countryside) & Scènes de vie (scenes of life) ).

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2 Responses to Travel, Dinner and Gloves – 12th December 2015

  1. Margo says:

    Hello, thank you for the Christmas card. Just been catching up on Pat’s and your blog. Makes me want to go back and travel through France, not just Paris. How do you find the taste of spelt bread? I’m now wheat intolerant as well but possibly not as severe as you, and now make my own bread using khorasan flour. Much nicer than spelt. Another interesting insight was learning about fodmaps. Is this something that is a problem for you? Anyway, the blog is great. Hope you both have a fabulous Christmas. Lots of love from me and Pete. 😀

    • deliawallace says:

      Hi there
      France is great to travel through.
      I find spelt bread (especially the white stuff) very much the same as modern wheat bread – spelt makes a good ciabatta.
      Never heard of khorasan flour will have to google that 😉 I thank the scientists for fodmaps – don’t know where I would be without it.
      Have a fab Christmas – enjoy the sunshine.

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