26 Days until Christmas – 28 November 2015

Yep it’s that time of year. My christmas decorations are out of storage (not yet up – that’s tomorrow’s job) and I’ve bought & wrapped all of Pat’s presents (no one else’s yet)! The christmas cards are all painted and ready to be sent. The post office will love me come Monday morning. So in some ways it has been a busy couple of weeks.

Today I took a rest and joined a friend for a look at a shop in one of the nearby villages – which was having a christmas sale completed with mulled cider (I had a tiny glass). We then went to the local dress exchange (2nd hand shop but things are sold on consignment) I bought a new coat – which I love but to be honest didn’t need. It also looks like it has never been worn so I can’t complain. My friend had lots of fun trying on quite a few different items and she bought a couple of things. Then off to a local café for lunch, coffee and a natter. It was all rather nice, especially as the sun was shining today and the temperature was around 7 degrees. Considering we have had some exceptionally cold days of late when hats, gloves and thermals have been a necessity it was rather nice to have something a little bit more pleasant (only need the coat and scarf). We also had our first day of snow this week – thankfully it didn’t stay.

Today I did buy a wonderful Noel sign for the house – my 2nd French christmas decoration (the first was a handmade Limoges porcelain bauble). One of the other things I did this week was redecorate my christmas wreath for the front door.


Wreath Before

Wreath Before

Wreath After

Wreath After

I really do enjoy christmas which is interesting considering that these days I am an atheist. But then when you consider that the early church took an already established celebration (the winter solstice) and used it for their celebration, I personally think enjoying christmas is something we can all do even without a belief in the religious. So I am looking forward to my wintery christmas this year (especially as on christmas day last year I was down the beach back in Oz). I also think I just like the atmosphere that christmas can bring – the adage of goodwill to all is something that is lovely and something I wish we could do all year.

We have been invited to christmas lunch with friends. Not sure if we will go or just enjoy a day at home, but we shall see, we can take Siena (our dog) with us, but it would leave Wallis at home by himself. But I must admit I think a day without Siena might be a good present for the cat!

So on that note I wish you a lovely run-up to the holidays, I will see you in two weeks and
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PS. Pat’s photo from the competition he has been shortlisted in, is now up on the web, have a look at this site – http://votreterritoire-photos.picnpin.com/patrimoine
Pat’s is the photo entitled 27 – Galerie d’Hercules, Château de Rochechouart (it is of an amazing fresco and a modern installation of white rocks!). To vote for the picture – click on the photo to get a larger image, then just click the thumbs up icon at the top right of the photo to vote for it. There are 2 other categories (albums) if you want to look at the other photos from our area – just click on the world “album” on the right had side of the screen and the list (3 categories, patrimonie (heritage), paysage (countryside) & Scènes de vie (scenes of life) ).

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