Remembrance – Sunday, 15th November 2015

So what has happened in my life over the past couple of weeks? We have had some lovely weather here, lots of sunshine mostly warm days so it is fabulous. I’ve also had another bit of a cold, just a touch but it has been annoying as I’ve not been able to shake it. But on to better things, I got my hair done last weekend, I’m back to being a very blonde, which I like. Still trying to grow my hair (once again) we shall see if I am successful this time or if I get annoyed and once again cut it all off. Not much else happened last weekend, still trying to sort (paint) my Christmas cards.

This week we had friends over for an apero on Tuesday, which was lovely. It was a great night very relaxing with lots of French and English. As John-Paul is from Pat’s photo club we also went through some of our photos from Rome and had a great chat about that. On Thursday  our friends had invited us to a quiz night, it was a fun night and a fund raiser for a local charity. We had a lots of questions and a large number that we couldn’t answer and thought we would come in last, but no we actually won, and by a good margin. Still trying to figure out how, but not arguing with the bottles of wine we got to bring home.

Unfortunately over the past 2 weeks, my sunflower has finally given up its fight for life, it has just been too cold overnight for the poor thing so later today it will be removed from the garden and added to the compost heap – maybe it can help with the flower garden I’m planning on planting next spring (suggestions anyone).

This past week was also Remembrance day, Armistice Day here in France which is also a public holiday. Unfortunately I also think this weekend will be remembered for a long time with all that has happened in Paris. My personal opinion and thoughts on any level of fundamentalism, radicalism, extremism etc always brings me back to a quote by Socrates (my favourite quote I think):

“I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”

That quote also makes me remember the photo – Earth Rise – an amazing photo that I remember growing up with (we had a copy of it in our house). We are all on a small planet spinning through space (at 1,670 km per hour).  And at this point – we are the only intelligent life that we know of.



Just to remind you all, there are now 39 days before Christmas!
Remember Pats blog –
And I will see you again in 2 weeks.

And on a final note – Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister, Phil my stepson and Steph my dear old friend…

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