Wales, Pays de Galles – 5th September 2015

Hello and welcome – “Helo a chroeso” in Welsh

Today I’m sitting in our wonderful B&B in Swansea after the glorious wedding of B&P. Pat’s eldest boy was the groom and a great day was had by all. Pat and I were the official photographers and so were running around taking photos. Which I must admit I enjoyed and the day went quite well.

So what else has been happening? Well dad has been visiting, which has been great, it was sad to see him go. We spent his last non-travelling day with us, trying to find a chocolatier that was open (it was a Monday) unfortunately we couldn’t find one. But we did find some wonderful patisseries and we went on a lovely walk along the river Glane – which was a favourite haunt of the artist Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (1796-1875) who painted along the river and there is a plaque to him along the river.

We also went to a couple of beaux villages – Ségur-le Château and St-Jean-de-Côle. I must admit I much preferred St-Jean-de-Côle and will be returning here for lunch one day. Pat and Dad also did some wonderful walks in the countryside (while I was working) and we all went to visit a couple of enamel workshops. Great fun, and very interesting, I’m considering taking a course in enamelling next year.

The other wonderful place we went to Jumilhac-le-Grand. An interesting Château that is still privately owned but runs tours. We only went into the gardens (we decided against a tour in French) but it was interesting to learn the history of the gardens and why they had reset it into an “alchemy” garden. So they have tried to recreate what was in the garden in 1777 ( – you may have to translate this page).

So all in all it has been quite a busy few weeks, but I am absolutely shattered so I’m sorry for this being such a short blog.

I will add photos when back home, just having trouble loading them on the current internet connect, sorry.

Next week at
And I will see you again in 2 weeks.

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