The joys of a shower – 23rd August 2015

Yes the shower has been fixed and is up and running. Our replacement part showed up the same day my dad did – Monday, so dad had the joy of helping us put it together. But now that it is up, all plumbed in, it is a joy to have a shower in the morning. This is the lovely new cubicle, and I must admit it is one of the better showers that I have come across – though I do miss Australian bathrooms with tiled showers…

So dad has arrived this week, which is lovely. We went out for dinner on Monday night as dad arrived at 7:30pm and we were in Angouleme. What I hadn’t quiet realised is how long dad had been travelling for, he was absolutely shattered but still said yes to dinner. Something I think he was glad about as we went to a fish restaurant that was absolutely superb. Both dad and Pat felt that they had, had fantastic fish, and dad even stated that he his was the best that he had had in a long time. I had steak, which actually was also superbly cooked so I was pleased.

Completed shower

Completed shower

Tuesday, even though I wasn’t working we didn’t get out and about. Generally as a large portion of the day was spent putting the shower together, the final completion was on Wednesday and I must admit we all enjoyed having our showers.

The rest of the week I spent working and dad has just been walking and exploring our local area. Friday afternoon we went into Limoges, exploring for some enamel work (written as émail in French) which is another speciality of the area (along with gloves, porcelain and beef). We found a couple of places with enamel work for sale and there were definitely some interesting pieces. It is still an art form that is alive and well. We also took dad to one of the old Fromageries (cheese shop) where he and Pat had a great time selecting cheeses.

Saturday was a great day. We had glorious weather and headed out to the markets in St Junien, which was fun. We took Siena who adored all the new smells and other dogs. We had lunch back at home with some of the cheeses bought the previous day, along with fresh spelt bread bought at the market and with some green tomato chutney that I had made. We then rested for a couple of hours (unfortunately I have a slight cold which has been enough to make me have less energy) and off then on a lovely long walk (again with Siena) around a lake just south of us. And after a quick return home (and another wonderful shower) we headed off for dinner at a local restaurant. A rather busy day all in all but a very enjoyable one.



I also made some Madeleines last week. They turned out fantastic and since they are best eaten within a short time of cooking, we did gobble them all up. For those of you who do not know what a Madeleine is, here is the wiki link (I did a lemon version)

Today we are having a quiet morning and then heading out this afternoon. Thankfully the rain which started last night appears to have stopped. We are off to a local fete de la batteuse (which is about old farm machinery!), so it could be an interesting afternoon.

Pat will most likely have more about the fete next week as we are meeting his photography club at the event.
And I will see you again in 2 weeks.

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