Even more sunshine…. – 28 June 2015

I’ve discovered a problem with bi-weekly blogging. Trying to remember what I’ve done for the past two weeks! I haven’t a clue. Well I’ve got a little bit of an idea. I’ve finished one painting at my watercolour class (good isn’t it :-)). Started a new painting, I’ve also taken two paintings off to be framed and had guests but most of that has happened since Thursday so not really remember back a long way.

So the question really is what have I been doing? Well I’ve been working, as normal, and I’ve been working in the garden. Siena has figured out how to use the new dog flap, the cat however is not impressed with it. The double glazing is nice to have, especially as the weather is now into the high 30’s. The dog and the cat are trying to find cool places to sleep.

Unfortunately in Wallis’s attempt to find himself new and interesting places, he got himself shut into a neighbour’s barn. I got worried on Sunday morning when he didn’t come home for breakfast – it’s not overly unusual for him to stay out on summer nights. Late Sunday I was really worried and was calling for him and could just hear him meowing in the distance. I went looking but still couldn’t see him, eventually I looked up and there is Wallis at the window of my neighbours locked barn. Unfortunately the neighbour isn’t around that often and I think what happened was Wallis got in when the gardener was getting equipment out of the barn. I ended up finding one of the doors unlocked, but Wallis wouldn’t come down to the door, so I had to go up some very old stairs, across a plank over the hole at the top of the stairs and pick up a cat that was shaking and then come back across the plank and down the stairs! Needless to say, he has stayed close to home for most of this week – that was until Dave the dog arrived with R&L.

The veggie patch has started to give us lots of lettuce, rocket, courgettes and tomatoes now so really pleased how that is going. Just hoping everything survives the heat.

Next time, I will have a much more interesting blog, as I’m planning on keeping notes during the week, and this weekend and the beginning of this week will be interesting (because I’m off work for a few days).

So look out for Pat’s blog next week – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk
And I will see you again in 2 weeks.

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