Sunshine, lots and lots of sunshine – 13 June 2015

As you can see from the title, we have had lots of sunshine over the past couple of weeks, which unfortunately does mean lots of weeds have been growing in my veggie patch. We have also had a couple of storms, but thankfully no damage and only a brief loss of power. But it has been wonderful to experience the sun and the warmth and just feel like summer is on its way.

One of the big things that has happened over the past 2 weeks is that Siena went into the vets to be sterilised. She had her stitches out yesterday. She was miserable for the first few days and very tired but third night in, she howled the house down when we went to bed. As we had Aunty B with us, Siena was bought up to our bedroom (around 2am) and she went off to sleep – which of course meant that we all got to go off to sleep. Last night was her first night back to sleeping in the kitchen (thankfully), there were a few complaints from her, but nothing too bad. I think she was just happy not to have the “cone of shame” on!

Our lunch time restaurant - we were on the balcony (brown one)

Our lunch time restaurant – we were on the balcony (brown one)

It was also nice to have Aunty B here. Again, I spent most week days working but we did get some time together over the weekend. On Saturday we took AB to Aubeterre sur Dronne – as she expressed interest in it from when we took S&R there. As Siena was a little more docile (due to her operation) we took her with us. It was nice to see how she behaved, especially when we went in to a restaurant for lunch, she settled down relatively quickly, we did have a few moments when another dog came in, but for the most part she was a very well behaved dog, so we were really pleased. We also had a spectacular view for our lunch.

part of the view from the restaurant - there were fields to the left

part of the view from the restaurant – there were fields to the left

On Sunday AB and I headed off for to a vide grenier (which is something like a car boot sale). It was a very hot day but we had a good time wandering around. I bought a glass oil and vinegar set plus a couple of basil plants. On the way home we stopped at a bar and had a drink sitting in the shade before picking Pat up from his photography group. All in all it was great.

I must admit as my work hours have been increasing and we have been having visitors I’ve found it difficult to not spend the majority of my day in front of the computer. So I’ve been reorganising my working days so that I can have more time off during the week to spend time with our visitors and also to spend time with Pat doing things. So going forward in July I will be having all of Tuesday off and Friday afternoon – which is great.

We have started doing work on the house again, starting back in the kitchen. Pat is doing most of the work, but we will have completed the kitchen which will be lovely – we do have to redo the kitchen cupboard doors – which I painted last year, but we have decided that we will actually spray paint them this time – with a white gloss – which should mean that we won’t have to worry about the coffee spills which are staining the current paint work! While I’ve been typing this our new kitchen chairs have arrived. We have bought 4 new ones off the internet, however we have picked up 2 chairs second hand which the intention was to paint them bright red. Pat actually surprised me this week by having painted one of them for me. It’s now in the kitchen and looks great.

We will have to start the repointing on the back of the house once the kitchen. We are hoping that the kitchen will be finished by the end of June and then when we come back from a short break to the sea side we will start on the repointing. We think that it will take us a good month to do.

I’m now also considering what to do in the living room, not sure if we will be able to get onto this room this year, but I might be able to get the painting done this year and some new chairs in and then we can do the big work (the new storage units) next year. We shall see. I have also in all of this decided on the colour for our spare room – for those of you who have stayed in it you will know that it is a “lovely” pink room. I’ve actually decided that I’m going to use the pale green curtains currently in the living room in that room and use that as the basis of my colour scheme. But that is definitely something for next year.

So I will leave Pat to tell you more about the kitchen works and our first experience of a French apéro – which we went to last night, so look out for Pat’s blog next week –
And I will see you again in 2 weeks.

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