I went to France and it was closed – Sunday, 17th May 2015

Good Evening all

Well it has been a great week this week, but I have been absolutely working my butt off.
We started our week with a trip to one of our local lakes for a walk. It was lovely; we actually discovered that walking 7km can make Siena a very tired dog, which was great for when we played cards on Saturday night.

Sunday we decided to head up to Limoges for the monthly Flea Market – called La Puce (which means flea) – an event that I’ve been trying to get to since I found out about it 8 months ago. It was much larger than I realised and I came away with a fabulous green and blue scarf as well as a red trivet. We decided just to grab some street food (hot dogs – French style, sausages, onions, sauce in a baguette for everyone else, chips for me) we headed around to the lovely gardens near the museum and cathedral to eat our lunch in the shade.

On Monday S&R hired a car (an adventure in its self) and headed off for a three day tour. Visiting the coast and up to Mont St Michel. Apparently visiting Mont St Michel was one of those things that had been on R’s todo list for a very long time. They found it absolutely fantastic and enjoyed the seafood on the coast during their trip.

Me – I was working like a bat out of hell. This past week I think has been the week that I have worked the most hours out of any since I’ve worked for myself. Which in a lot of ways was really annoying as I couldn’t spend time with my friends who are visiting, but since they decided to go on their road trip, it actually ended up being quite good. I will admit to currently being highly annoyed with Turkish Airlines, who have majorly stuffed up some travel for one of my clients. So that will be a joy to deal with come Monday morning.

Thursday night we all decided that it might be best to head out for dinner and see what we could find. We had a couple of restaurants in mind but unfortunately discovered that our first choice was closed. Not to be deterred we continued on, by restaurant 11 and an hour later we decided perhaps a quick meal at home might be better. We did find 2 places open, one we decided against and the other was fully booked. Of course the important piece of information we were missing is that Thursday was a public holiday. We had missed this due to the fact that there had been the monthly big market in Châlus which Pat and S&R had visited that morning and all had seemed normal. We ended up going out for dinner on Friday night and had a great time.

Yesterday – as in Saturday (yes you are getting an extra couple of days) – we got up early gave the dog a nice long walk and headed off to Aubeterre-Sur-Dronne – a fantastic village with a great subterranean church. We had coffee and lunch in a wonderful square. We did have to wait until the afternoon to go into the church as there was a wedding taking place. We got to see the wedding party afterwards when they came up into the square for photos.

Part of the town of Aubeterre

Part of the town of Aubeterre

Inside the Church "St Jean" this reliquary is carved from one piece of rock.

Inside the Church “St Jean” this reliquary is carved from one piece of rock.

Today was just a lazy day, with me pottering in the garden, Stephanie cooking biscuits and orange cake. Pat also cooked up a wonderful lamb dinner with roast veggies. We also did a long walk to a nearby village so that was good. All in all it has been a great weekend.

So now for my big news —- we’ve decided that we are going to do our blogs on alternate weeks. Hope you don’t mind.

Don’t forget to look at Pat’s blog next week – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk

See you all in two weeks

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