Old Friends, New Places – Saturday, 09 May 2015

Good Morning All

It has been a wonderful week, with the arrival of my old school friend Stephanie and her husband Rob. We decided to meet up at Giverny – which for those of you don’t know, is the location of Monet’s garden. And of course it is spring here in the northern hemisphere, so there were lots and lots of flowers in bloom.

Pat and I drove up on the Tuesday, generally a nice day, but the journey ended up taking longer than we anticipated. We did stop for lunch, but still the final bit of the journey that should have taken an hour took closer to 2 hours. We found the B&B, sorted ourselves out and went for a stroll up the main road of Giverny – Rue Claude Monet – it is a long road with pretty houses on it, but it is the whole village, Giverny is tiny, which I wasn’t expecting. But it was nice to do the walk. We found somewhere for dinner, horrified the waiter by wanting a our steak well cooked, and finished our meals with crepes that were superb. Then back to our B&B to await the arrival of Stephanie and Rob.

Stephanie and Rob did arrive when expected at the B&B, the taxi paused outside the house, however it then continued up the road, so I’m out the door running and waving at the taxi to get them to stop. Eventually I was seen and the taxi turned around and S & R were safely with us. It was then all off to bed for us all. The following day after a lovely breakfast of croissant and baguette with home-made jam, we decided, against advice, to head off to the gardens in the morning (apparently it is better in the afternoon after all the coach trips have left). We loved exploring the very busy and very wet gardens. The gardens are lovely and well worth the visit, but if I return it will be in the afternoon.

Monet's Gardens flowers at Giverny
Monet’s Gardens flowers at Giverny

For the evening we were given the name of a couple of restaurants in a nearby town we had a look at the menus, decided on one, and we all had a fantastic meal – 3 courses plus a drink for the grand total of €20 per person – which for being close to Paris and Giverny wasn’t a bad price.

We are now, back at our house, the weather has not been the best so far, but it is meant to be improving, and I do hope so as after the shopping this morning we are thinking a nice walk around one of the lakes in the area would be good.

So a short blog this week.

Don’t forget to look at Pat’s blog – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk

Until next week

All of us outside the BnB

All of us outside the BnB

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