ISO, I sew – Sunday, 3rd May 2015

Good Morning All

Well it is a lovely Sunday morning – well it’s not raining so that is good. We have had our neighbour come over with some Lilly of the Valley, mine hasn’t really flowered yet. The smell is amazing. (Have a look at my blog from last year regarding Lilly of the Valley)

As most of you know yesterday was Pat’s birthday. We didn’t do much during the day yesterday, but we did head out for dinner to a local English restaurant with Pat’s camera club. The bar has live music on Saturday nights which was a blue-grass band. We had a good night, the food was very good (I had steak, Pat had fish), the band was good and also fun. The place over looks a lake so I think a drink there one fine afternoon might be good. We did have a good laugh at one point, when Pat was trying out his new camera (my present to him) and talking about his camera when he stated that it has an ISO of….to which he got the response of “you sew?” complete with a puzzled look, needless to say after quite a few laughs and explaining about ISO, I discovered that one of the camera club ladies is an experienced sewer and is willing to show me some of the basics that I have forgotten. So I’m really pleased about that – we will be organising a time over summer to catch-up and do a few things.

So what else has happened this week? Last Saturday I went and had my hair cut and coloured. I did slightly modify my colour by getting a few copper highlights along with my blond, nothing overly different but I like it.

I also decided to finally paint the bathroom this week, why this week I don’t know. Maybe it was because one morning I got woken up early and I thought that I would be able to get the first coat on before I started work? Which I mostly did, I was able to get it finished that night so was quite pleased with myself. I love the colour, which was not one that we sampled, but it is in the same range as most of the ones we sampled, just trying to decide if I should paint the cabinet handles now.

The Bathroom - newly painted.

The Bathroom – newly painted.

We also had a guest this week, a lovely Canadian lady who will be house-sitting for us later in May. She came to visit us and to meet Siena and Wallace. I think she found Siena a bit excitable at first but thankfully she did calm down. It is difficult because Siena is in heat so she isn’t getting walked as much as normal so she isn’t getting to run around and work off her energy.

So moving forward, today Pat and I are making a lasagne, including making the pasta. This should be interesting as I don’t think I’ve ever make a lasagne with home-made pasta before, but this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I will report back next week as to how it turns out.

Don’t forget to look at Pat’s blog –

Until next week

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