The week that was – Saturday, 25th April 2015

Good Morning All

Today is ANZAC day in Australia, it is in remembrance of the first major military action the ANZAC forces fought during WW1 and the 25 April 1915 was the day the ANZAC’s landed at Gallipoli. By the end of this particular campaign (8 months) more than 8,000 Australian soldiers had been killed.[i]

While I am a pacifist at heart, I do understand that our history should never been forgotten and I feel that the placing of modern rationalism on historic events doesn’t work.  100 years is a long time in human history.

And on this note, I discovered last night that Costa Rica has no armed forces – which I found fascinating – it is a country that deliberately went through a period of demilitarization.  It hasn’t had an army since 1949 and it used the extra money for education and health.  They are not the only country without an army; there are quite a number, which was a surprise for me.  I didn’t realise that there were countries out there that had taken that step.

Anyway on to my week, this week I went and had a sports massage on Tuesday, which was very necessary as my back was causing me a lot of problems.  With all the sitting in front of my computer plus the gardening I did on the weekend.  I was in need.

So what did I do to the garden, well I finally got some compost dug into the veggie patch (potage) and I planted out some of my seedlings.  I’ve also planted some rocket seeds so hoping they will come to something.  I’ve since been informed that it was too early for planting out for the majority of the plants, but we shall see.  I’ve had to cover some of them with plastic to help keep the heat in overnight and on colder days.  I’m just hoping that my tomatoes don’t get blight this year.  I’ve also started on the creation of my herb garden, so I’m pleased with that, still a little bit more work to do but it has started out well.  The other joy is that the wisteria has come into bloom this week.  It looks spectacular.

photo from last year of the Wisteria - it's raining today so I'm not going to go and take a photo!

photo from last year of the Wisteria – it’s raining today so I’m not going to go and take a photo!

We also went and bought the paint for our bathroom, so I’m hoping to get that painted over the next couple of weekends.  This weekend is going to be wet, which is a shame as we have had a fantastic few days of sunshine.  I’ll show the colour that we decided on in my finished photos of the bathroom.

I’m also off to get my hair cut and coloured today trying to decide if I should go for a change of colour, not sure but I’ll make that decision later.

So that is the week that was….

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