Hyacinth and Hydrangea – Saturday, 11th April 2015

Good Morning All

Today I’m back to my routine so it’s Saturday morning, I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing my blog with a cup of coffee. After a week of fabulous weather we have rain today, however the sun is due to return this afternoon. The joy of fantastic weather is that, I finally got out into the garden over the week. One thing I did was to get out and cut back the Hydrangea’s, and much to my joy I discovered a lovely Hyacinth hiding underneath. Unfortunately the dog also found it, so the following day I found the Hyacinth bent over, so it is now sitting in a vase in our kitchen. The smell has been divine and 5 days later the scent is still fantastic. Pat has taken some interesting photos with the flowers.

before the dog found it

before the dog found it

My seedlings have also taken off, which has meant that I have had to get into the potage and prepare the soil. I haven’t finished that yet, but that is the plan for tomorrow. Pat has even volunteered to help me :-). Pat also had to get out the lawn mower over the week and cut the grass. So it really does feel like Spring has finally come, that and the fact that a large portion of my tulips are now in bloom! I’ve also found some bulbs in unexpected places, so moving the bulbs will be a job for later in the year. We have also chosen to sit outside in the sun a few times over the week to have our morning coffee. I think it is time to get the outdoor setting out of storage.

As the weather isn’t so great this morning, my plan is to get on to my clothes sorting (ie. getting out my spring and summer clothes and putting away the winter one). We’ve been into the loft and got our suitcases out, which was an experience. The thing I find fascinating is what clothes you forget you have. We have had to also find Pat’s suit as we have a wedding to attend at the end of May. I of course, feel like I have nothing to wear, but undoubtedly I will find something between now and the end of May.

I’ve had another busy week at work, which is good, but still got my French classes and art class in. I’m really happy with my current painting. It has been very difficult, but hopefully it will be finished next week. I think this is the one I will put into the student exhibition that is held over summer. Of course that does depend on how the finishing touches go. This photo isn’t great as it was taken on my phone and at an angle but I do think it gives a good idea of how the painting is going. I don’t paint buildings all that often and I’m starting to realise why.

Week 3 - one week still to go (so far total 6 hours)

Week 3 – one week still to go (so far total 6 hours)

Don’t forget to look at Pat’s blog – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk/
(which will be ready this afternoon as Pat is currently at puppy class with Siena)

Until next week

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