Busy, Busy, Busy – Saturday – 28th March 2015

Well where has the week gone, this time last week I was on a train to the airport (drinking coffee). Today I’m sitting in my kitchen, drinking coffee and feeling much more relaxed and can’t believe that it was only last week that I was back in the UK. The week has flown past as I’ve been hard at work with my clients and 2 French language classes plus my art class. It has been a busy week and my weekend is planning on being even busier. I am going to finish the front hall this weekend, end of story and I will have photos for you all next week – promise! I’m also planning on making some hot cross buns today, in the lead-up to Easter next week.

I do also want to get out into the garden, as I really need to finish moving my lavender plants and getting my veggie patch ready for the seedlings which I have growing in the greenhouse. Unfortunately the weather report for both today and tomorrow is for rain! I also have a scale infection on my lemon tree – which has started to flower as it is in the front porch and enjoying the warmer weather. I thought I had successfully got rid of the scale last year, but it doesn’t appear to be so.

Church on Crete

Church on Crete

I started a new painting at art class this week. I’m painting this wonderful church that we came across in Crete. I spent most of my class yesterday trying to get the perspective right on the walls of the church – this had to be drawn in before I started to paint. It took a good hour and a half to draw this so that the perspective was correct and so that it looked like a real, solid building. So at this point the only thing I have got done is the drawing and the sky. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

The next few walls to be painted are in the bathroom.

Colour options for the bathroom

Colour options for the bathroom

It is hard to pick a colour, well a shade really. I’m only planning on painting two of the walls (which are currently apricot) and we have decided on blue – but what shade of blue? I’d be interested in what you all think – everything else in the bathroom is white. The unlabelled colour is Indian Blue. This is a temporary thing as the bathroom won’t be completely revamped until next year. PS the really dark one on the right is not an option!

How’s this for a dream bathroom (the web page I got the photo from is listed)

love the view and the space http://thebathtubdiva.com/plan-your-dream-bathroom

love the view and the space

Well it is now afternoon and I’m back at the kitchen table. The front hall has had its final coat of paint (as did I) my hot cross buns are on their first rise, Siena is fast asleep (amazing how puppy class can exhaust her. I am also tired, but satisfied that I’ve got things done and that I’m not being held up by illness.

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Until next week

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  1. Julie says:

    How lovely! Pleased to hear things are going well with home and work, Delia! I went round Somerset House at Christmas and was looking up at our little round window-I did enjoy working with you. Hope the French lessons are going well, and I look forward to the next blog! Hugs xxx

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