New Years and Travelling – Saturday – 21 March 2015

One of our friends mentioned her “belief” to Pat and me – that one spends the following year doing whatever they were doing on New Year’s Eve. Something that I scoffed at, at the time, however as my New Year was spent with my husband in the air flying (well officially we were on the ground in Singapore, but we were aboard the plane). Now after my 2nd trip back to the UK in a month with at least two more booked in for the year plus another trip, I’m starting to think perhaps my friends comment was correct. I don’t mind travelling, but I starting to understand why people who do a lot of flying on business get sick and tired of it.

I’m currently seated in East Midlands airport typing this, looking out over the runway. My trip to the UK this time was a business trip which was actually really great. We had a client “do” for the VA company I work for. It was held at the Hotel du Vin in York. I had forgotten how beautiful York is. It’s an amazing city and very pretty. I think if I ever had to move back to England I would seriously consider York. But back to our “do” – I arrived into York after an uneventful journey up by train. We had a fantastic night, chatting, tasting wines and guessing what cost the wines were! Our team came second, which was great. I got to taste a very, very nice Châteauneuf-du-Pape (around £60) which I will admit is the most expensive wine I’ve ever had. But I thought it was worth the money. I will also admit that the house Champagne with which we started the evening was absolutely divine and as most people know I do enjoy my bubbles.

The night ended with the final guests departing around 12:00 midnight – which was killing me as I was still an hour ahead and I’m not a late night person anyway. So by the time we got home (my boss’ home), I was absolutely shattered but had a relatively good night sleep and was up for the taxi at 8:00am to get me to the train station. I got to the station early – and for all of you who get annoyed with my being at places early – thank goodness I was as my train was cancelled. But I was able to jump on a different train that was earlier – otherwise I would have been on a significantly later train and I would have run the risk of being late to the airport. But this way I was here in plenty of time (especially as the earlier train was actually a faster train).

I will say this much the Skylink bus from Derby station to the airport is great, but I swear ever second stop is at a pub! One could do the most incredible pub crawl. The other enjoyable process of the train journey is the part of the trip that ran between Derby and Sheffield. There is some lovely countryside around that part of the world – though the train does not enter the Peak District National Park – you still get a feel for the countryside which is lovely. Plus, you of course get to see the twisted spire of the church in Chesterfield, which is very distinctive.

So now I’m waiting for my plane, looking forward to getting home and getting back to all of those jobs that I didn’t get done last week due to my cold. I am feeling much better this week, thankfully. But it has taken a full week…

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Until next week.

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