The Daffodils have arrived – Sunday – 15 March 2015

Sorry for the delay, unfortunately not only has it been a very busy week, but Pat came back with a rather nasty cold which, after avoiding all week, has finally got me! So today I’m in bed and rather happy to be so. Unfortunately this cold isn’t one of those,”slightly annoying – but I can still get on with things” cold – no it’s the OMG I feel like my head will explode, my throat is like sandpaper and when will I next be able to sleep colds! And my poor nose after all that blowing!!!

So basically what that all means is that I’ve got very little done this week aside from my work and looking after a puppy and a husband. So the entrance / hallway is not done. The paint samples for the bathroom haven’t been painted on the walls in the bathroom. The garden has had nothing done to it – except where Siena has been digging!!! However I did get a chance last Sunday to get my seedlings in. So that is at least one step forward. I’ve put in lettuce, tomatoes, aubergines, cucamelons, Inca Berries (aka Chinese Gooseberry’s), Tomatillos and some herbs. Oh and a couple of turnips – which I’ve never done. So it will be interesting to see what happens with them all.



What I have been very pleased with is how the bulbs that I transplanted last year have done. Considering that they were just shoved into the ground with very little attention to them, I am so pleased to see my first daffodils up. They are so wonderful and I think that they look lovey along the low wall where I have planted them so, really happy, now to see how many of the tulips come up. I have also discovered how many bulbs I missed last year with the moving of them. So that will be a job for later this year.

One of the stranger occurrences that happened this week was to do with some toads! On Tuesday night I went out the front of our house and I could hear the strangest sound and realised that it was coming from this strange form on the ground, across the road and under the street light, so filled with curiosity I walked over to find a couple of toads, in the process of – um shall we say – making new toads. About half an hour later I decided I better walk the dog, so out we went, however not only were there two toads outside there were numerous toads outside, stretching up the road from our street light to the next street light. Siena did find them very interesting, but only sniffed at them – thankfully. I guess the strange thing is, I’ve never seen that many toads out at once and it was literally only for that night, I’ve not seen any more since.

I guess that one of the advantages of living in a rural area is that one see’s things that one would not see when growing up in a town or city.

On that note I am going to call it a day, as I am shattered and my nose is running. Until next week…

Don’t forget to look at Pat’s blog – it is very different to mine 🙂

My latest painting - not the best photo but I'm pleased with the painting

My latest painting – not the best photo but I’m pleased with the painting

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  1. Linda Harrison says:

    Painting is very life-like and stands up from the page very well.

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