Clean Sheets – Sunday – 08 March 2015

You know clean sheets must be one of the most wonderful things in the world. Crawling into bed after a long day, when the sheets are clean it’s just bliss, one of life’s wonderful inexpensive pleasures, just a shame one has to make the bed first!

I’m shattered this week. Why? My week started with some work in the garden last Sunday, I’ve moved a number of lavender plants to free up some space in an area of the garden that is going to be an herb garden / salad garden. The lavenders are now planted in front of a hedge so hopefully they will all survive. I’m hoping to finish moving the lavenders this weekend. The only problem is that I’ve found a number of bulbs in the bed so for the moment I will work around them, especially as they are about to flower. The other thing I did was plant out some Kangaroo Paw seeds in a pot outside the front of the house, it shall be interesting to see if they come up and what my neighbours make of them.

The other thing I have been madly doing this week (apart from working) is trying to paint the entrance hall while Pat was away. Pat has been to Wales to see his first grandchild. He came home on Saturday afternoon which is wonderful, but he did come home with a cold. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish the entrance hall, I’ve only got 2 coats of paint on, and it really needs 3, but it is so nice that all that hideous pink wallpaper has gone. I’ve even done the walls on the stair case. I most likely could have got the third coat of paint done on Saturday, but between taking Siena to her puppy class, and doing the washing – the sun was out and I got to hang things outside on the line for the first time this year 🙂 – it just didn’t happen, so hopefully the painting will be finished today.

I do have some photos of the progress, and hopefully next week I will have a photo of everything completed.  (sorry photos aren’t great).

Yesterday, after I picked up Pat we did head up to the big DIY store in Limoges. We were looking for a couple of items, but one thing I did pick up was some paint samples – yes further painting – some very bright turquoise type paints for the bathroom, which is currently apricot and white. Now I don’t mind the white, but apricot is definitely not me, so hope to paint the bathroom soon. Unfortunately the changing of the lino and shower will not happen for a while yet.

So things are slowly happening to the house. We do have our plans for this year, but I will be happy once we can stop working on the inside of the house and really concentrate on the outside space.

Until next week…

PS. try to keep dogs away from paint!

Before - From the front door

Before – From the front door

Before - from kitchen towards lounge

Before – from kitchen towards lounge

from lounge towards kitchen - after 2 days of painting

from lounge towards kitchen – after 2 days of painting

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  1. Sandra says:

    Look forward to next weeks blog, and the painting and planting updates x

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