Is vegetarian shepherd’s pie an oxymoron? – Saturday – 27 February 2015

As most of you know from last week, I had a fab couple of days in the UK, but what you all didn’t know is that on the flight back from the UK I was joined by a couple of friends who were coming for a visit – our first visitors of the year. It was really nice to have M&S visit, once we got off the plane that is! Our flight had only slightly been delayed when we left the UK and the pilot was hoping to make up the time, unfortunately what we didn’t want was the storm that hit Limoges just before we were due to land. We had been sent back to our seats with the descent imminent but we didn’t descend. Five minutes later I realised that we were in a holding pattern, but was unsure as to why, a couple minutes after that the pilot informed us that a storm was over the top of the Limoges (including the airport) which was dumping hail and snow with high winds so we were unable to land. They were hoping that the storm would pass in 15-20 minutes. Which it did, however we weren’t on the ground until a good hour after our scheduled arrival, I was very, very thankful to see the toilet at the arrival gate as I so needed to pee (my advice don’t drink a large cup of tea when your plane is going to be delayed).

One of the joys of having friends over is just sitting around the table after dinner, chatting and playing cards. The other is getting yourself out and about. On the Sunday we drove around the local area looking (from a distance) at some of the Chateau’s in the area. We also went for a lovely walk around one of the local lakes. Monday we headed into Limoges for lunch and a visit to the museum of the resistance. We also picked up patisseries on the way home for an afternoon treat.

So what else have we been up to? Not a lot really, I’ve made another ciabatta – this one with rosemary mixed through the mixture. I’m considering giving focaccia a go next week. I also found a recipe for a peanut and rice bubbles (krispies) slice. Yes it is a thing for children, but it was something different and quick to make – and I must admit very yummy as it isn’t too sweet.

The other thing that I made this week was a vegetarian shepherd’s pie. Now I know that this just doesn’t sound right, but we had some Quorn mince (for those of you outside the UK this is a Mycoprotein product that is meat free and very yummy). Shepherd’s pie isn’t one of those things that I make regularly, this was only the second time I’ve made it, but it is a very yummy winter warming dinner. I will also admit that we had some more of Pat’s wonderful home made gnocchi.

This week also unfortunately has given us an ill Wallis (the cat). He didn’t come home on Thursday night which, while unusual, has happened before so we didn’t worry too much. Friday morning Pat opened up the shutters downstairs to find a very slow moving Wallace coming towards him. He has unfortunately hurt his back leg and was having quite a bit of difficulty walking. So a visit to the vets insured, the vet checked him over, he doesn’t think that the leg is broken, but it is a possibility, it appears to be some ligament damage of some sort. Wallace was given a pain killer and some antibiotics and we were sent home with some more pain killer for him for the weekend. Thankfully once the pain killers kicked in, Wallace was much more comfortable and started walking around. He still has a limp but he is much more his usual self, unfortunately so much so that he wants to go out, but he has to have a couple of days in until he is no longer limping. I’m just glad that we won’t have to go back for an x-ray.

Until next week – “Live long and prosper”

just a silly photo of my dog asleep with her bum in the air - hope it makes you smile

just a silly photo of my dog asleep with her bum in the air – hope it makes you smile

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