The Cranes, The Cranes – Saturday – 14 February 2015

Hello all on a very wet Saint Valentine’s Day in France. Pat and I were going to go out today, do some exploring have lunch in a restaurant that we had previously enjoyed up in Limoges, but… the weather was just too crap so we have decided to stay home. Pat is going to go out for some patisseries and to buy a couple of steaks for dinner. We figure that will do us rather nicely. My valentine present from Pat was a pair of Microwavable Slippers! And I’m wearing them as we speak to keep my feet nice and toasty while they are on the kitchen floor tiles.

So on to my heading for this week. As I mentioned in one of my blogs last year the cranes migrate over our region. Yesterday I got out of the car and heard the cranes overhead, at first I thought it couldn’t possibly be the cranes returning, but I looked up (through the rain) and yes there was a flock of cranes up in the sky! It seems a bit early for them to be returning – as they normally don’t show up to March (so I’ve been informed) but it has started to feel like spring here which is soooooo nice, especially after the cold weather we have, been having.

For the most part my week has been very busy as I’ve started working for a new client, and I also have a new client that will be starting in March. So work is going well which I am very pleased with that. Unfortunately my art class has not been going so well this week, as I’ve had to start my current painting again, however it is looking much better second time around so I am pleased with that. Would have been very annoying to have started again and not done a better job.

As you might recall our challenge for this week was to cook all our meals from what we already had in the house. So how did it go? Actually surprisingly well, we did have to buy some fresh fruit & veg and also some more tea for me and some cheese, but apart from that (which wasn’t very much) we did really well. I’m pleased. However we did not try to cook anything new this week, so that will be the challenge for this coming week. We are thinking new main meals rather than treats, so any suggestions are welcome (no fish dishes as I can’t eat anything seafood).

As I type, Siena, our dog is barking her head off out in the backyard as we have some hunters nearby with all their dogs. Thankfully hunting season ends at the end of February, which means that we can start doing more walks in the woods, because at the moment the risk of being shot is higher than I would like. It also will mean that we are not listening to the sounds of gun fire most weekends.

And last but in no way least, Pat has had some big news but you will have to look at his blog to find out what that is :=) –

Sorry no photo this week.

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2 Responses to The Cranes, The Cranes – Saturday – 14 February 2015

  1. Sandra says:

    Will be waiting to see photo of Cranes!! How amazing x

  2. bill says:

    food suggestion

    Vegetable Gratin

    have fun
    will send photo of my latest bread

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