Snow, sleet and sunshine – Saturday – 31 January 2015

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We have had a fair bit of sleet, rain and the occasional burst of sunshine over the past week, but no real snow.  As I type this the sun is shining but we have had a couple of flurries of snow, but nothing has settled. However the ground is soaked as the rain has not really stopped all week.  I would like to see a nice sprinkling of snow across the roof tops so that I can take some photos, but nothing at this point has settled so maybe later this week.  Who knows?  Preferably on a day that I don’t have to go out of the house.

This week I’ve finished my watercolour painting.  I’m very happy with it, I think for a first effort at watercolour (yes I’ve dabbled before but this was the first painting that I can think of where I’ve set out to do a pure watercolour painting) it is good.  Not brilliant but competent and I’m happy with it.  I now have to think about what I’m going to paint next.  I’m considering a still life of fruit and/or veggies or maybe a scene that is typically French.  I’m not sure yet, but I think I will be doing some trawling through photos this week for some ideas.

week 3 final painting

week 3 final painting

I don’t feel like a lot has happened this week, life has got into a routine, though Pat and I did have lunch after our Tuesday morning French lessons at the café where we have our lessons.  We had the menu du jour which was ok, nothing spectacular but it did mean that I didn’t have to cook dinner that night.  Apparently the place is known for its pizza, they even have a pizza oven in the kitchen, but we will save that for next time I think.

I have been getting more work over the past week, partly as I have a new client and I am currently working with the previous PA on a handover.  So far everything is going well.  And of course as the work load has been increasing, I’ve been increasingly thinking about holidays.  Starting to plan our holidays for this year, we’ve had some good suggestions so far of places to visit.  I’m seriously considering a Christmas market somewhere, but Pat isn’t so interested, maybe that can be a trip with friends?  I will admit I’m thinking somewhere warm with lots of sunshine at some point would be very nice.  That is the problem with winter, when you are cold, you just think of somewhere nice and sunny.

Oh well, it is now time to head off to puppy class – and she did really well last week.  Now if we could only get her to stop stealing our gloves!

Until next week…

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  1. Teresa says:

    How about painting Pat’s photo of the cart which he put on facebook in black and white

  2. Teresa says:

    Also forgot to say the paint looks fantastic

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