Doing something different – Saturday – 24 January 2015

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I’m currently in bed writing this, as I just don’t want to get up. It is cold today, it’s -2 degrees C and snow is forecast (maybe it will show up) and Pat and I have a puppy class to attend – with Siena of course. We shall see how that all goes.

So what has happened during my week, the first part of the week seemed to go very slowly, the last couple of days raced by. On Sunday afternoon, after receiving an email from my dad, which had a link to a Ciabatta recipe, I decided it would be good fun to try it. I’ve never made a Ciabatta so I decided it was time to try something a bit different. The recipe looked easy enough; it was just having the patience to allow the dough to rise slowly (in the fridge) overnight. I did this and on Monday morning, I baked myself a loaf of Ciabatta, and I am happy to say it worked out quite well, I was really pleased. It tasted very good too, so I’m going to try again this weekend.

after mixing, before proving after proving, waiting to be baked The final yummy product
after mixing, before proving after proving, waiting to be baked The final yummy product

We took Siena on a couple of different walks this week, which was nice for Pat and me. We went up to Lac St Mathieu, which mid week and in Winter was very quiet. We did discover that a couple of the signs around the lac spooked Siena and she had her hackles up and was barking at them. This happened also when we went for a walk along the Voie Vert, but this time it was a seat! Dogs can be odd at times.

Thursday I did a bit of sewing – which I haven’t yet finished. And Friday I was working. I did however get to my watercolour class and my first work is progressing, it is still unfinished, but hopefully next week there will be a completed work to show. I am pleased with how it is progressing.

Stage 2

Stage 2

The other thing that Pat and I did this week was try to sort out what house projects we are going to be doing this year and when. My first project is the hall, it was one of those things that I didn’t get to last year and I’ve wanted to get done. Especially as it is the entrance to the house. My plan is to get this completed over a weekend, hopefully the first weekend in February. I will take photos of how it progresses and the changes we make. I’m painting items, but I’m also planning on rearranging the space. We shall see. Unfortunately for all of you who stay in our lovely pink spare room, that is not on this year’s list.

Until next week… (see pats blog later today too, here)

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  1. Linda Harrison says:

    Good to see the watercolour is coming on. I don’t think you knew but I am a reasonable water colourist and did a few additional classes a fews ago. Mine are mainly lanscapes…

    Thanks for the links to Pat’s blog – been reading up on the food and now left starving hungry!

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