A week in wonderful Aus – Sunday – 21 December 2014

Good Morning Readers

My apologies for a late blog, yesterday was spent driving back from Geraldton a town north of Perth where I have family. The drive itself can be done in less time than we did it, but my husband did want to look at the coast on the way, so we made quite a few stops. One of which was to look at the market where my uncle had some of his wood products for sale. It was an interesting drive for me as a large amount of the coast is now developed or being developed around what were once very small fishing settlements. There has been a lot of change happening.

So back to the beginning of my week. Last Sunday started with a trip to the Yanchep to watch my nephew race (he does cycling) it was great to see as I’ve never seen him race before. We then headed home to prepare for the afternoon as we had my mum’s family over, so my aunts, uncles, cousins, their partners and children. It was fun afternoon as some partners and children I have never met. The afternoon was spent with good wine, lots of chatting and laughter, it was great to catch up with everyone. Only one glass broken, and I was the culprit for that one.

Monday, Pat and I joined my mum, sister and niece for a swim at the local pool. I couldn’t do more than 2 lengths of the pool (50m). I just don’t do any swimming anymore. But it was great fun, if somewhat exhausting. The rest of the day was spent just doing various bits and bobs.

Tuesday, Pat and I headed over to Rottnest. This was our Christmas present from my mum, which was fantastic; however the day didn’t start out too great, with a large swell on our crossing, which made for a number of sea sick people, Pat being one. Thankfully he didn’t throw up, but it did take him a while to recover. In the afternoon we did a guided Quokka walk, which was really interesting, they are fascinating little animals. We also stopped at the pharmacy for motion sickness tablets for our return journey. Once back at Hillary’s boat harbour we bought the biggest (and very yummy) ice-cream cone I’ve ever seen!

Wednesday night we went to see the movie “Map to the Stars” at the Pines. The Pines is an outside cinema set up for the Perth International Arts Festival. We met up with one of my aunts, had a picnic dinner outside beside the lake before going into the movie. We all agreed that this movie has robbed us of 2 hours of our lives. It has absolutely no redeeming characters and felt somewhat contrived. The plot is non-existent, but the main idea of the movie is good, so there was the possibility for a great story, but alas not this time.

During the day I did spend some time looking through the stuff I have stored here at my mums, as some of you are aware I found high school ball photos, back in the day when we all had big hair.

Thursday was spent with my niece; we had great fun and went to the beach for a swim. This was fantastic and I’m really glad we went. I grew up beside the beach and I love to swim in the sea so this was a lot of fun for me.

And Friday was an early start to head up to Geraldton, and thus we come full circle on my blog.

So, so far our time in Australia has been great, the weather has not been too hot – we missed the hot day in Perth because we were in Geraldton. We are however missing our little dog and our cat.

Pat has also launched his blog this week, it has a contrasting viewpoint, from the beginning of the French adventure and a year on… so have a look – http://patblog.patbell.co.uk/

Until next week…

Pretty in Pink? my high school ball

Pretty in Pink? my high school ball

Quokka and joey

Quokka and joey

The memorial to HMAS Sydney in Geraldton.

The memorial to HMAS Sydney in Geraldton.

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