14,269km – Saturday – 13 December 2014

Good Afternoon Readers

14,269 kilometres is the distance between Paris, France and Perth, Western Australia (according to google) which after a 20 hour flight is where we currently are. The flight was good and the first time I have actually done such a long international flight during the daytime, so there was no desire to sleep on the flight. I did however get to watch four movies! So currently we are enjoying the wonderful Perth weather and recovering from the jet lag. I will admit to ending up in bed last night at 7:30pm!

So since I have started at the end of my week, I shall work backwards for my week. Our flight out of Charles De Gaulle was on Thursday morning, so we travelled up to Paris on Wednesday from Angoulême on the TGV, which is great as the journey is direct to the airport. (Many thanks to our friends for driving us to the train station.). We stayed at a hotel at the airport – Citizen M – an interesting concept in hotels (great for couples and singles travelling, but not for families). We got a room overlooking the runway (which I love) and had a massive king size bed.

Tuesday was spent just doing those things which one needs to do on the lead up to going on holiday, such as packing, cleaning the house etc. The one crucial thing we did forget (and forgot to check) was to apply for Pat’s visa! Thank goodness this was done at the airport by the lovely staff at Singapore Airlines (and aren’t we thankful that it was able to be done electronically). We however did get a tax form for filling in that needed to be completed and returned before our return from holiday. This was not a good thing to get the day before travelling, but Pat did a great job filling out both our forms so that we could post them before we got on the train.

Monday was spent getting me a new pair of jeans as the jeans I was planning on wearing for our plane journey got a tear in them. On this little expedition, we ended up deciding to continue our chocolate éclair experiment. We went into a Patisserie and bought two of the biggest éclairs I have seen in a long time, but my they tasted so good. Monday evening we had fun and had an early Christmas evening where we opened our presents to one another. I got some lovely warm slippers from Pat (that I wanted) but unfortunately they are not the correct size – not Pats fault they were stated to be a size 8 but were size 7-8), so they will need to be exchanged. But the best bit was that Pat got me the sewing book that I wanted. I had already tried to purchase it once, but it had gone missing in the post (I did get a refund) so I am really happy with that and hopefully I will learn to do some more things with my sewing rather than the basics.

Sunday was a lovely day. We ended up heading into Limoges to see the Christmas lights with Pat’s photography club. We also met up with another photography group, which apart from a typo in the email as to the time to meet, all went well. The lights are quite good and they have an interesting display at the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall).  It was a cold night, but it didn’t rain until we were finishing up and we stopped on the way back to have a drink in an Irish bar.  We will have to do a trip into Perth to see the Christmas lights here.

So that has been our week, it has felt slightly manic, but it has been great.

In front of the town hall towards the city

In front of the town hall towards the city

The Christmas tree inside the Town Hall through one of the windows

The Christmas tree inside the Town Hall through one of the windows


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